How To Avoid Magnetic Bracelet Scams

Girl's hand with magnetic bracelet

Magnetic therapy, a popular alternative medicine, is considered a pseudo-scientific formula of treating diseases. In this practice, the magnet is recognized to have curative potentials. Magnets are also being used in conventional medicine, but these are costly and high-powered magnets we are talking about. A magnetic bracelet can be nothing more than your fridge magnets. One way to avoid this scam is to read facts about the use of the two types of magnets and their use or misuse in both kinds of medicines. Here are some facts:

  1. Permanent and electromagnetic magnets. Permanent magnets are the typical magnets you use during science experiments at school. These can be found in nature. Like the other kind of magnet, they produce magnetic fields. Electromagnets, on the other hand, are man-made. These use electricity to create magnetic fields. Unlike permanent magnets, they can also create electric fields. Conventional medicine uses electromagnets while alternative medicine uses permanent magnets. These two magnetic types have greatly different effects on the human body.
  2. The effectiveness of permanent magnets. Magnetic therapists claim that permanent magnets can cure pain, increase blood circulation and cure cancers. Although magnetic fields of permanent magnets can cure pain and bone damage to some degree, the big claims of the therapists are false. To claim that a copper bracelet can cure is highly risky on the part of those who will believe it. Pulsed magnetic fields are proven to have healing power, but permanent magnets only have static magnetic fields that have no proven curative potential.
  3. Be thorough in dealing with the claims of magnetic bracelet dealers. Their claims are said to be scientific, but studying their statements carefully will leave you wondering where the scientific explanations have gone. All that will be left are the claims. Those sites that assert that your blood circulation will improve when you lay down a magnetic mattress do not have scientific proof to back up their assertions. When you lie on your back on a magnetic inlay, what happens is that the magnetic field pulls your blood toward your back and decreases blood circulation instead.
  4. Seek professional advice. Doctors, the real ones that is, are the most reliable individuals you can seek advice from when it comes to the clinical evidence and therapeutic claims of magnetic bracelets. They've studied medicine for several years and are not only trying to profit from the sale of a product.  They'll base their opinion on the facts surrounding the use of magnets in treating disease.

Be wary in choosing the treatment you want to apply to your body. Your health is an important asset, especially in these trying times. Magnetic bracelet scams are just one among the mushrooming pseudo-scientific solutions that some people are providing nowadays. And while this solution’s reliability is still being questioned, it is best to validate the claims. Until it has stood the test of time and science, this kind of alternative medicine has to remain under tight scrutiny. It is for you and your family’s own safety.


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