How To Avoid Mental Depression

Mental depression is an illness of mind. Physical illness can be cured by taking medicine but mental illness can be cured by mind alone. When mind is surrounded with doubt, disbelief, suspicion or fear, one enters into a depressive state. One suffers from fear and suspicion because one tries to get something which is not his own. If one doesn't possess power, wealth, knowledge or love and hopes to receive these things from others, then one is mistaken and shall suffer from doubt, fear and suspicion.

  1. God helps those who help themselves. This is a famous saying and according to this, God doesn't offer blessings or gifts to those who sit idle. One has to work hard in order to gain knowledge, power, wealth or love. One has to read a lot to gain knowledge; one has to take nutritious food and do excercise for getting physical power; one has to work hard for earning wealth and one has to love others in order to receive love back. Some poor people die of hunger and disease because they are unable to help themselves. Nothing shall come from heaven. One can only help oneself or man can help another man. God is always present in the heart of a being, and so you should try to get everything from within.
  2. Every action has an equal reaction. This law is not only scientifically true but also socially true. Every action has an equal reaction or fruit. One shall get nothing less or nothing more. Expectation should not exceed the quantum of effort. If a student fails in one exam, he should try hard in the next exam. If one fails in one business, one should try another business according to his ability. If a girl ditches you, you should try to love another girl. However, if your husband/wife betrays you, you shouldn't go for another man/woman. You should stay separate for the good of your children. Many women who become widows at a very young age live peacefully and decently with their children. Certainly, they are living goddesses.
  3. Action is yours but fruit is not. Lord Krishna has said in the Bhagavad Gita that one has rights over one's action only and not over its fruit. Because fruit depends upon several factors.
    • Environment. Farmers invest in growing cotton but pests or disease may destroy them. They incur loss and some become depressed enough to commit suicide. So in order to avoid this, they should go for crop insurance.
    • Inequality. It is a fact that every society has inequality. A tribal boy of the most remote area may have hopes of passing Class X exam whereas a boy of a city may hope to enter into the best engineering or medical college.
    • Destiny. Everybody is destined to become something. You may be destined to become an engineer but you try to become a doctor and for this, you fail. This destiny is not made by anybody, not even by God. Your destiny is shaped by your thoughts and actions of previous and present births.
  4. Be independent and self-dependent. Since everything lies within you, every effort should come from within you. There is no one who may increase your power, knowledge, wealth or name and fame--you should be both independent and self-dependent. Religious and political leaders may promise many things but ultimately you get what you try. Once you become self-dependent, you will be fearless and once you are fearless, you will beat depression.
  5. Lead a simple, real and spiritual life. Don't become materialistic or too excited in life. Lead a simple life and think high thoughts. Slow and steady wins the race. For this, you should imbibe spiritualism in life. Spiritualism teaches how to come closer to your self and how to be self-dependent. Self is eternal, all-powerful and blissful.

Everybody, particularly those who are suffering from depression, should try to know what is his own, real and everlasting. One finds confidence in such things. When one develops confidence, one becomes fearless, and one can beat depression.


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Yeah, the worst enemy one could have is to combat one's self or mind. Hope this helps everyone.

By Cherry Ozoa