How To Avoid Negative Thoughts

Our thoughts are closely linked to our behavior. In order for us to react negatively, we first have to think that way. Likewise, to eliminate such behaviors, we first need to be conscious of our thoughts.

One factor associated with our thoughts and actions is our environment. Our environment includes our associations with people who emit negative energies. This could be in the form of speech or actions. The less time spent around people of this nature, the easier it is for us to avoid negative thoughts and consequently actions.

Stopping negative thoughts in its track is quite simple and effective. Should we find our minds gravitating towards negative thinking, we are able to right then replace the thought. Once we think about anything that makes us happy, the result is positive. The effect is instant when we put emphasis on the pleasure that comes from the change of thought. Rather than focusing on what could go wrong in a particular situation, it is more beneficial for us to focus on what could go right.

  • Self talk is a powerful method in avoiding negative thoughts. As the name suggests we talk out loud to ourselves about whatever our desire is. This is especially effective since it intensifies our concentration. Because we have to think about what we are about to say it makes it almost impossible for our minds to wander avoiding any unwanted thoughts. Additionally, when we hear aloud our thoughts this doubles the effectiveness. The thought is redirected to the brain for reinforcement.
  • Meditation is also very effective in controlling our thoughts. This ancient practice is very alive and practical in modern lifestyle. In meditation we do not direct ourselves to think on any particular aspect of a situation. Instead, we quiet our minds entertaining deep relaxation. This practice harbors positive thoughts and behavior as it eradicates the negative. Regular meditation will keep the mind in a balanced state helping it to control the thoughts.
  • Engaging in exercise practices such as yoga is another useful resource in maintaining control of our thoughts. Yoga poses and stretches energizes the body resulting in a calm and positive outlook. This practice benefits not only the mind but the body as well. So effective is this method that within minutes of yoga exercises the positive results are visible. There are a number of instructional books on yoga available at local libraries and bookstores. There are even in some communities, yoga classes available for persons interested.

We all want to be happy and successful. These indeed are just thoughts away.

Since we manifest what we constantly think about, it is only reasonable for us to feed our minds on the things we truly desire. Remember, the habit of harboring negative thoughts is a self destructive one.


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