How To Avoid Swine Flu Naturally

Swine flu shots are the best way to be swine flu proof. But another way to avoid this disease is by doing it naturally. Unfortunately, naturopathy does not exist for swine flu yet, so you just have to settle with other ways to stay free of the virus. These are the following:

  • Keep your immune system up and ready with herbal remedies and supplements. Treat it as a force field so you are protected from any attacks and intrusions. You can eat or drink some of nature's products to help keep it strong. Some of nature's gifts that can power up your immune system are garlic, astralagus, kombucha tea and Echinacea. The use of garlic in everyday food has been handed down from generation to generation because of the aroma and the taste it contributes to a recipe. Studies show that garlic contains allin, a chemical compound, that when crushed turns into allicin. Allicin is an amino acid that dissolves cholesterol because of its antibiotic and antifungal properties. Aside from that, garlic has phytochemicals that combats disease and alleviates symptoms of sickness. Garlic is better consumed in raw form or as supplements, since cooking reduces the amount of allicin. Astragalus, which sounds like spell from a Harry Potter movie, is a medicinal herb from China and can do magic to people with low immune system, not to mention those with digestive system issues, heart disease, infection, asthma, anemia, hepatitis, colds and influenza. As long as taken in moderation, no serious side effects has to be endured. Kombucha tea, on the other hand, is a good energy booster, and when drank daily, provides good health and protection from illnesses by strengthening the immune system. While Echinacea, best taken upon the beginning of the cold or influenza, wakes up the part of the immune system that intensifies the protection against viruses and bacteria. Both Echinacea and Astragalus can be ingested in tincture form, tablet or tea. However, do not forget that too much of something is also bad for your health.
  • Use natural hand sanitizers. You are born in a world where everything is artificial and bottled, just like a hand sanitizer. Why not make your own hand sanitizer? Just mix Eucalyptus, tea tree and rosemary oil with a base oil like olive or jojoba. When combined, you can create one effective hand sanitizer that is antibacterial and antiviral. It also serves as an antiseptic as well.
  • Get your daily share of free vitamin. You know what I'm talking about: sunshine, a.k.a. vitamin D. Do not worry, you only need ten to fifteen minutes of sunbathing time with forty percent of your skin exposed, so make sure you do this early in the morning to avoid the UV rays. No sunscreen required. Vitamin D serves as the first line of defense against all possible illnesses that your body can acquire. But, too much of this is also bad for the health.

Prevention is better than cure. The ingredients in steps listed above can be bought cheaply, while some are free. But before you ingest anything, if you are into some kind of medication, consult your doctor first.


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