How To Awaken Kundalini Energy

Kundalini energy is the instinctive energy lying twirled at the base of your spine, in the root chakra. Awakening Kundalini energy is the first of many steps towards enlightenment, as this energy travels up your chakras until it reaches the crown chakra. There are several ways to awaken this energy, and with proper guidance and conduct, you are on your way to growing spiritually.

Here are several ways to awaken your Kundalini energy:

  • Have a guru guide your effort. A master yogi who has awakened his own Kundalini will be the best guide you can have for achieving your own enlightenment. From proper breathing techniques to correct yoga stances to opening your chakras, a guru can help you along your own spiritual path as well as cope with the fears that the awakening will bring.
  • Cleanse your body. Not just bathing and grooming frequently, purifying your body means consuming healthy meals and lots of clean water, as well as plenty of rest, exercise and avoidance of vices and unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. Rising beyond these worldly desires will go a long way in avoiding temptation after awakening Kundalini energy. Hallucinogenics should also be steered clear of when practicing Kundalini awakening techniques.
  • Develop spiritually. Awakening the Kundalini energy may take years to accomplish, but this effort should coincide with the expansion of the mind and the improvement of the spirit. This training will prepare you for handling the sudden burst of energy flowing from the base of your spine and ensure a smooth transition from a world-fixated entity to a universal being. Avoid rushing the process: an awakened Kundalini without the means to comprehend it can be counter-productive to your being.
  • Practice meditation. Meditation prepares you for handling the vast onrush of energy emerging from your spine. Developing traits of selflessness allows you be present in the moment, as well. Meditating on a chakra while repeating a mantra can bring about the Kundalini to that chakra.
  • Embrace Kundalini yoga. This form of yoga instructs practitioners to perform a series of poses that activates the spinal region. Other forms of yoga, such as yogic breathing, assist in the escape of energy from the body.
  • Learn the proper breathing exercises. Gently inhale through your nostrils and let your clavicle and shoulders rise up as your ribs enlarge. Hold in your breath momentarily, then breathe out, sucking in your stomach to expel all the air out of your lungs. Take the breath from your crown to your third eye in the middle of your eyebrows, then down to your throat and heart chakras. Repeating this method helps awakens the Kundalini energy and let it circulate throughout your body.

While many say awakening your Kundalini energy is the only way to enlightenment, there is a danger present for people who are emotionally weak to awaken theirs, including physical illness, shaking and overwhelming fear. Have a meditation expert be present to guide you on your attempt and be prepared to take steps when your energy rises too rapidly, such as grounding exercises or spinal breathing.


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