How To Balance Your Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra is said to be the center of the energy that is located in the middle part of the body. It is concentrated in the abdomen area, two inches below the navel. The chakra is known as one of the meditation methods that help the wellness of the body. It means the “wheel” which relates to the body as “the wheel of the body” or the “wheels of life”. It is visualized as the Sunkist orange color that glows around the abdomen area while doing the process or meditating.

  • Know the importance of having an open and balanced sacral chakra. Having an open chakra indicates security and stability in a person’s life. It also reveals confidence and sufficiency. Having an inactive chakra is a sign of insecurity or maybe fearfulness. While the over active chakra promotes greediness or being materialistic.

    The imbalance of sacral chakra is normal because of the regular movement made by our everyday habits. However, long-term imbalance needs to be attended in order to bring back the natural balancing of the energy. Here are some ways or techniques that can balance your sacral chakra.

  • Do some visualization exercises. Put your hands over your lower abdomen while imagining a door or a window that is opening and the color orange flowing outwards from it. Using the mind, imagine a glowing orange color on the sacral chakra then say to yourself –“purify, strengthen and balance the sacral chakra now”. Using your hands make three counterclockwise circles around the chakra then shake your hands away. Do the process on clockwise mode as well. Repeat until you feel the chakra balanced on your body. Next, visualize the closing of the chakra like a closing window while hovering the hands over it. And lastly, land yourself deeply to the ground by envisioning a tree root coming out from your feet burrowing profoundly into the earth.
  • Steer clear of orange. Yup, you read that right. One reason of imbalanced sacral chakra is having too much of the color orange. The result of being exposed to too much of this color is having a compulsive behavior. To balance these, one should prefer the color purple. This is because purple is the complementary of the orange color. You may simply wear purple clothes and accessories more often, or eat purple foods.
  • Know what to listen to. The sound that has a D note will restore and heal your imbalance of sacral chakra. While you meditate you can listen to music with a relaxing tune. Do know that every color on your sacral chakra corresponds to a distinctive vibration, and each of it necessitates a definite frequency for its own healing process.

While in this program, always remember the proper techniques and instructions and give concentration on them. Though this method is for wellness, do remember that it may not have a guarantee that can heal or cure any ailments, and they are not to be regarded as a replacement for professional medical care. Always put to mind that being positive towards life and doing the right thing to keep your health well-balanced is always an excellent initiative. Good luck, and hope this helped!


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