How To Be a Flexitarian

You may often hear and watch a lot of shows and TV ads that tell the average consumer that in order to lead a healthier life, give up eating meat and consider going all natural by strictly eating fruits and vegetables. All right, these ads and promotions by all kinds of fitness and nutrition experts can be sometimes annoying since a lot of people can’t really live life without the occasional meat intake. Thank the gods that some experts have found that you can still be healthy by still eating what you want to eat. If you are open to this mentality, then you can be considered to be a flexitarian. The ironic thing about it is that you may already practice the whole lifestyle without knowing it. Here are some facts on being a flexitarian in order to learn how to benefit from it and how to do it properly.

  • Decide to regulate your meat consumption. So, you want to be healthy but really love to munch on the occasional juicy cheeseburger or taste the wonderful and sensual flavors coming from a medium rare rib eye steak. Well, being a flexitarian does not mean that you need to give these food luxuries up. The whole concept only tells you to regulate the consumption of meat especially those that have high levels of fat. Should you decide to live your life following certain dietary restrictions and limitations, then you can definitely proceed to being a flexitarian.
  • Keep a diet schedule. If you are starting from scratch, it may be difficult to regulate your meat intake without any solid diet plan. This being said, make it a point to plan your dietary schedule ahead of time. For instance, consider marking down 1 or 2 days where you can eat meat, whether it is a burger or a nice juicy steak. For the other days, try to concentrate on healthier foods like fish, veggies, and fruits. You may opt to do it the other way by planning based on what you are currently eating. For instance, say it is Monday and you are eating a nice lean burger, note it down in some sort of dietary journal and refer to the journal on every meal. Since your last meat intake was Monday, your next intake should be on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. You can be flexible for as long as you are realistic.
  • Eat small portions. Another way to be a flexitarian but have a constant fill of meat is by eating meat in small portions. Yes, this may be easier said than done but if you can truly stick to it, you will be able to eat meat a lot of the time.
  • Consider healthier alternatives. Turkey, chicken, and fish are considered meats as well. In fact, they are considered to be healthier forms of meat. On this note, you can eat your fill if you stick with these meats for your regular menu instead of pork or beef.
  • Eat lean meats. If you really find it difficult to stay away from beef and pork, then go ahead and eat but try to restrict your eating to lean and low-fat meats only.
  • Avoid the processed kinds. Corned beef, meatloaf, and spam are all processed meats. These canned products are mixed with various unhealthy ingredients and chemicals. When pondering on what kind of food to eat, make sure you avoid any kind of processed meat. Stick with fresh meats from the supermarket.

Make sure to try this lifestyle for at least one year before evaluating if it truly works and that you are feeling much healthier than before. If you do everything right, your body should be full of quality nutrients that is required to lengthen the functions of all the organs and systems in it.


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