How To Benefit from a Lumbar Support Belt

A lumbar support belt provides support for the lower back by bearing the weight that the lower back is supposed to carry. A lumbar support belt is made of durable elastic material. It is placed upon the back, stretched around the abdominal areas, and fastened together with Velcro at the front and sides. The support belt is wider at the back than at the sides and front to cover the back adequately. Here is how a lumbar support belt is used for a variety of purposes.

  1. Helps cope with the challenges of motherhood. A pregnant woman’s stomach carries a lot of weight from her baby, more so if she is carrying multiple children. This extra weight pulls on the back muscles, thus back pains are very common during pregnancy. A lumbar support belt may be used as a pregnancy belt and a maternity belt. The support belt takes the weight instead of the back muscles. It serves as an abdominal support to prevent the abdominal muscles from overstretching. It is used after giving birth as well. A lumbar support belt may be used as a postpartum belt to help the stomach regain its former appearance.
  2. Helps prevent occupational injuries. Activities that make the back strain frequently or stiffen for long periods of time produces back pain and back injury. If your job involves sitting in front of a computer or desk for hours, lifting heavy items frequently, or twisting, stretching and contorting your back, consider getting a lumbar support belt to minimize the damage done to your lumbar area.
  3. Speeds recovery from illness or lower back injury. If you have an injured back, the muscles in your lumbar area are weak and receive more stress when you lift or strain. Those with weakened abdominal muscles benefits from wearing a support belt, because the lumbar support belt provides abdominal support as well. Removing the source of strain from injured muscles, bones and tissues facilitates healing.
  4. Gives protection from straining back muscles. Wearing a lumbar support belt helps you avoid putting too much strain on your lumbar area. The elastic supports your back muscles and guards the alignment of your spine, thus protecting you from damaging your muscles and feeling back pain.
  5. Improves posture. A lumbar support belt aligns the pelvis with the back and spine, thus enhancing posture. Constantly wearing a lumbar support belt trains your body to sit and stand upright, and eventually, you won’t have to wear a lumbar support belt to have perfect posture.
  6. Gives pain relief. A lumbar support belt soothes aching back muscles and corrects improper alignment of bones and joints in the lumbar area. It provides support and removes strain from overstretched or damaged back muscles. It functions as a hernia belt and relieves pain associated with hernias.
  7. Flattens the stomach. A lumbar support belt serves as a kind of elastic corset that tightens the stomach. This covers unsightly flab and gives contour to a bulky waist.

A lumbar support belt does a lot in improving a person's well-being. Take proper care of your lumbar support belt; read the proper washing instructions to make your support belt last a long time and be available when you need it.


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