How To Best Absorb Vitamin B-12 Supplements

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With the advent of products like 5 Hour Energy, many people have gained an interest in B12 vitamins.  It should come as no surprise that any of us would like to feel more energetic throughout the day, but there can be some confusion about the best way to enhance our energy levels.  B12 is just one of many vitamins and minerals that have an impact on the human metabolism, as well as the nervous system.  Using this vitamin as a supplement to a healthy diet and lifestyle may help promote a better quality of life.  The use of B12 is especially helpful for vegetarians, given that much of our B12 intake is found in meat and other animal products.

Too often I hear people talk about how their supplements just don't work for them.  In some instances, they're right that some products are over-hyped or simply not worth it.  However, a significant number of products truly *are* worth it, and it's a shame to see people spending their hard-earned money on products they don't use correctly.  For one thing, you don't need to find the most expensive B12 formula you can.  Just drive to your local Kroger, Walmart, etc. and pick up a generic brand of the vitamin.

It is important that adults assess how much B12 their body needs in order to avoid deficiency.  The normal adult level of B12 is 200-835 picograms per milliliter (pg/mL), so use this figure as a guide.  With that said, nothing compares to the expert opinion of your doctor, so it's best to check with him or her.  B12 is absorbed best whenever you have a normal acid level found in your stomach.  Your doctor will be able to provide a test for you to see where these levels, and any deficiency levels, are at.

If the folic acid level in your stomach is low, you might consider taking a folic acid supplement with your B12 vitamin.  This will help to ensure that the B12 is being absorbed by the body.  This procedure is known to reduce the risk of anemia, in addition to the benefits already mentioned.  B12 is also a supplement that begins absorption in your mouth, so a powdered form of the product may be a better route for those not accustomed to chewing their vitamins.

If you do decide to check with your doctor first (always recommended), it will be good to talk about any medications your are currently taking.  Some medicines may affect the folic acid test, and your physician is the best person to instruct you on the procedures necessary to ensure an accurate measurement.  Remember that health is happiness, and you never want to compromise that.


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