How To Best Absorb Vitamin D Supplements

If you are taking a vitamin D supplement, there are a few things you should know so that you can get the optimal results from your vitamin.  To begin with, you should always take your vitamin D supplement with a calcium supplement.  Vitamin D is crucial to the absorption of calcium in your body.  Taking the two vitamins together increases the absorption rate.

  • If you are taking a supplement you should be careful not to take any mineral oil based products at the same time.  Mineral oil will pass the vitamin right through your system without any benefit.
  • Never overdose on vitamin D! The recommended daily amount is 400IU daily.  If you are getting vitamin D from any other source, such as food or long exposure to natural sunlight, you should decrease your intake of this vitamin.  Vitamin D is very important but it can be toxic if you intake too much of the vitamin.
  • Many foods such as egg yolk and many greens are a good source for this vitamin.  Salmon is another great natural source for this vitamin as well as many fish oil products.  If you are taking a fish oil supplement make sure you check the vitamin D content before taking additional amounts.
  • If you are able to spend time out in the sun a couple times a week you will absorb vitamin D directly from natural sunlight.  It is harder for you to absorb with sun screen on.  A few minutes here or there without sunscreen protection will boost your vitamin absorbency levels.

Vitamin D is critical to thyroid functions as well as the absorption and usage of calcium in the body.  A lack of this vitamin will result in many illnesses that can easily be avoided.   Another thing to consider is different types of medications that you may currently be taking.  Diuretics and some other medicines will decrease your vitamin D levels and cause you unnecessary damage.  You should consult with your doctor about any vitamin problems that can be caused by the medication that you are currently taking.

If you take a lot of antacids for stomach upset you may also be in need of additional vitamin D supplementation.  People who suffer from gastrointestinal problems as wells as some people with gall bladder problems often have a low level of vitamin D in their system.  You should consider supplementation of the vitamin if your doctor agrees with this plan of action.

Take your vitamin D supplement with your calcium in the morning, preferably after you have had a little to eat.  While it is rare for this supplement to upset your stomach, it is always better safe than sorry.  If you are taking any other supplements you may wish to consider spreading them out throughout the course of your breakfast to allow for superior absorbency and maximum effects.


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