How To Best Lose Weight

It is simply bad music to anybody's ears. But it doesn't have to be that way;weight loss is becoming easier and easier as technology gets better. No, this isn't a lose weight scheme but rather, we can use technology to our benefit when losing weight.

Step 1

Get a heart rate monitor watch.  This will help you track calories burned and heart rate throughout your workout. Educate yourself on how to properly exercise "in your zone." This will help increase the amount of fat you're burning and not just exercise your muscle tissue.

Step 2

Eat right.  A diet doesn't mean you should quit eating. It simply means that you should watch the food that you're consuming.  In the U.S., we have a hard time eating the right portions. But it isn't your fault. This is because restaurants force large portions on us, which is what everyone expects. Instead, no more greasy burgers or deep fried anything. Replace any side dish with a salad and dressing or veggies. Even a sweet potato can boost your progress. Eating is the most important aspect of weight loss. The better you eat, the more weight you can lose.

Step 3

Exercise and  drink lots of water Lastly, add in some fitness. Use that heart rate watch to its full benefit. Take it for a run, or better yet, take your kids out to the park or even your dog. Just do something to get your heart pumping. Not only is it good for weight loss but it is good for general well-being.  


Weight loss doesn't have to be hard. A lot of times, people get caught up in trying to lose all the weight at once. As soon as you realize that this isn't a possibility, is when the possibilities are really endless!


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