How To Break the Cycle of Abuse

Abuse, whether physical or emotional, leads to tragic results. It could lead the victim to intense pain, trauma, post-traumatic stress syndrome, or even to death. Abuse can be inflicted on anyone at any moment. It could happen not only during a single moment. It could continue until the victim’s life is destroyed. Before the linkage of abuse spreads, you should break the cycle.  Here are some ways to break the cycle of abuse:

  1. Seek help. The best people to consider are the therapists. They are professionals who will help you deal with your painful experience. They will listen and give you advice on breaking the cycle of abuse. Be patient. Keep in mind that one appointment with a therapist is not enough. You have to undergo a series of observation and counseling before you can master the art of breaking the abuse cycle.
  2. Be acquainted with a support team. If you are not comfortable with a one on one talk with a therapist, you can join a support group instead. Most of the time, being with people who have experienced the same situation is helpful. With your chosen group, you can share experiences and tips on how to stop the abuse. In this way, you can help yourself by letting out your fears, pain, and frustration. In fact, you can also help other people in the process.
  3. Determine the root cause. If you want to stop something, you have to know where it is coming. For instance, if you want to stop the flow of electricity, you have to unplug an appliance. The same rule applies with the cycle of abuse. Once you have identified its origin, it will be easy for you to stop it, if not prevent it. If a person, a thing, or a situation is the root of the abuse, you can either get away from him or it or defend yourself against him or it.
  4. Heal yourself. The memories of the previous abuse hunt you. It makes the abuse worse. Learn how to face the past with courage. Admit that you have experienced abuse. Accept that life is a ride. You do not always get the best sitting slot. Life is not at all times about happiness. Life also means loneliness. Instead of dumping yourself and brooding over misery, recharge. Be willing to move on. Gain enough strength to face and to stop abuse.
  5. Do not blame yourself. Do not think that you are too weak that you cannot stop or prevent the abuse. No one wants to be inflicted with abuse. Cry because of the pain but make sure that you find ways to deal with your emotions fruitfully. Try to communicate with yourself and with others. Maintain a healthy relationship with your soul. Be proud of yourself. Remember that the abuse is not your fault.

Hope should lie in each vein of your body. Like blood, it should freely circulate your system. You can always break the cycle of abuse. You can always seek change. Start it within yourself. You will see that you are more than a victim of abuse. Outside the box of being a victim, you are someone who can be productive enough to help others. 


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