How To Break the Sugar Addiction in Five Easy Steps

Sugar addiction is one of the hardest things to change about a person’s eating habits. This is because sugary treats are simply delicious! Eating sweet things gives you an instant pick me up and sweet treats are often associated with feelings of love and comfort. However, too much sugar in the system is detrimental to your health, as increased sugar levels in the bloodstream have been associated with diabetes, obesity, migraines and many other medical conditions.

If you need to break a sugar addiction, you can do it in five easy steps.

  • Make the decision to stop. Changing the way you eat is hard to do, especially since eating habits are formed over a period of time. The first thing you need to do is make the decision to change the way you eat. If you know that having too much sugar in your system is bad for you, then you need to do something about it. It may help to come to this decision if you educate yourself about the dangers of sugar and all its refined forms in the human body. Once you read the literature, you will never look at refined sugars the same way again.
  • Be mindful of your body signals. Notice how your body reacts to sugar in your bloodstream. If you’re so used to stuffing your face of cakes, sweets, candies and chocolate, it may be difficult to tell when you are actually full or when you’ve had too much. Try to have a piece of cake or something sweet and notice your disposition after. Do you feel high strung or irritable? Do you start to get a slight headache? Do you notice if you have an itchy throat or your nose starts getting congested the next morning? Does your skin break out into pimples? Sugar manifests in the body, it’s your job to notice it. Once you make the direct correlation between sugar intake and how your body looks and feels, you’ll be able to better manage your consumption.
  • Be mindful of sugar in your food. Remove all refined sugars in your home. Read the labels and if you see sugar, high fructose corn syrup, or other variants of sugar in the first three ingredients of a label, pass it up. Caramel, chocolate, honey, sugar crystals, sucralose, fructose, corn syrup are all types of sugar or contain high amounts of sugar. If you change the way you think about sugar as poison in the body, is it still worth it to have even small amounts in your system?
  • Make substitutions. Replace refined sugars with more natural sources. Blue agave is an excellent sugar substitute with a low glycemic index. Another sugar substitute you can use is honey. There are other chemically manufactured sugar substitutes, but keep in mind these are still refined sugars so stick with naturally occurring sources of sugar. When you’re craving for a chocolate snack, have a piece of sweet fruit instead.
  • Do a body detox. If you really want to feel the difference of introducing sugar in your system, do a body cleanse for three days to a week. After which, eat something with refined sugars in it. Your body will instantly react to the sugar. This exercise will not only help you re-learn to be more sensitive to your body’s signals, but it will also help you break your addiction when you have a clean slate.

You can break free from sugar addiction! Stay away from temptation and focus on eating whole foods and items in its natural unprocessed state (like fresh fruits and vegetables). Over time, you’ll re-train yourself to eating better and less sweets.


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