How To Bring on a Menstrual Cycle

Each woman has a different cycle when it comes to menstruation. Some may have a cycle of 28 days but some may reach up to 40 days or a few months with different intervals each. A woman may have delays in her period even when she isn’t pregnant. Factors like changes in weight, diet or an underlying illness may affect her cycle.

Nevertheless, even if a change in one’s cycle is caused by these factors, a delay usually causes stress in those who experience it. For most women, a missed period is a deviation of normal body functioning.  Here are some tips on how to bring on a menstrual period. Remember to always make sure that you aren’t pregnant before you try some of these tips.

  • Have a daily intake of Vitamin C. A dose of 1000 to 1500 mg of Vitamin C everyday can usually make the period start earlier for most women. This vitamin is known to deprive the uterus of progesterone, which then makes the walls break down, hence starting your period.
  • Try different relaxation techniques. Some research says that meditation and some other forms of relaxation techniques may help start your period. Some of these techniques are hydrotherapy, meditation and light massage therapy.
  • Have sex with your partner. Achieving an orgasm by having sex or even masturbating will cause your  vaginal muscles to contracts, therefore prompting the onset of your menstrual flow. Semen is also known to soften the cervix, which can also aid in the process. Some women are known to have their periods after having sex.
  • Try taking hormonal replacements. Hormonal imbalances cause a change in a woman’s menstrual cycle. Before trying this, consult with your doctor first. Some hormones can cause the blood to thicken and may be contraindicated if you suffer from diabetes or hypertension. There are always opposed hormonal pills which both have estrogen and progesterone, which have fewer side effects.
  • Find ways to relax. Sometimes delays in your period are caused by too much stress. Listen to relaxing music or simply put your feet up and feel the stress leave your body. Try taking a warm or hot bath, as this can improve your circulation, which also includes the blood supply of uterus.
  • Try some herbal preparations. Herbs such as parsley, pennyroyal, dong quia, mugwort, black cohosh, and rue are useful to bring on your menstrual cycle. These herbs are emmenagouges which help induce menstruation. Dong quia and parsley shouldn’t be boiled because this removes the volatile oils which are necessary for the herb to do its work.
  • For more, serious cases, try extraction. This should not be attempted at home. This procedure is best done in a medical facility and should only be done by experts. This involves putting an instrument into the vagina that suctions the lining formed in the uterus. This is also used for early abortions, so be wary in deciding what method is suitable for you.

If the delays take longer than usual, it is always best to consult a doctor so you can find the root cause of your delays. It may signify more serious problems that might need urgent medical attention.


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