How To Build a Door-Mounted Chin-Up Bar

Do you want to build a burly upper body and back? Follow a simple exercise routine. Do some chin-ups. Chin-ups prompt you to use your own body weight in order to tire out your muscles and trigger an effective training response. Performing chin-ups isn’t that complicated. All you have to do is hold strongly onto a bar positioned right over your head. Them, haul your body up until your chin goes over the bar.

If you have a membership to a gym or a health club, a number of freestanding set ups have customized chin-up bars. You can access them for your routine. However, if you are a home-buddy and visiting a gym or a health club is such an inconvenience, then, using a pre-installed chin-up bar may not be handy. But there’s no need to worry. All you need is a little ingenuity and a bunch of materials from a nearby hardware store. Here are some pointers on how you can build a door-mounted chin-up bar:

  • Get a pipe. Ideally, it should be a least 30 inches long. Then, screw it into two couplings. The couplings should be four-directional.
  • Grab a 5 ½-inch nipple. Screw it into the coupling. It should be positioned into the side, facing away the door.
  • Screw another pair of couplings (45-degree) directly on the end side of the pull-up bar. After that, use a pipe wrench to affix two additional 5 ½- inch nipples into the ends of the couplings (45-degree). Proceed by wrapping around the pipe insulation and securing everything with the ever-reliable duct tape.
  • Check out the remaining coupling sides. They are the ones facing the door. Screw into them two more nipples. The nipples should be at least 6 inches long to be useful. Then, screw another coupling (90-degree) at the end.
  • Get some 4-inch nipples. Screw them on them on 90-degree coupling ends and then, append an additional 90-degree coupling over the 4-inch nipples. See to it that coupling ends are directed towards the door when you the bar eventually mounted.
  • Continue by attaching two pieces of 3-inch nipples into the 90-degree coupling ends. It is important that you cover each corresponding end with the sponge (half). Then, get the duct tape and wrap the sponge. It is going to serve as a protection against the paint on your walls.
  • Prepare to install the chin-up bar. Begin sliding the rear “arms”. The rear “arms” specifically pertains to the pipe attached with 90-degree couplings. It is the one connected across your doorway and just over your door jamb. Once you have allowed the angle pipes (45-degree) on the chin-up bar ends to rest directly to the frame of your door, you have also permitted the rear bars (90-degree) to counteract.
  • Start your chin-up routine after you have thoroughly wrapped up the horizontal bar with an athletic tape.

The instructions detailed here are intended to support and carry a maximum weight of 300 pounds. Make sure that everything is securely mounted into the frame of your door. Ask the assistance of a spotter when you wish to try out your chin-up bar for the first time.


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