How To Build Thinking Skills

An average human brain handles over 60,000 ideas in a day. This is a lot of information, which can be better managed if you have the thinking skills to match the quantity. There can never be enough said about the human brain, but even with a person who works very hard, we hardly use 10% of the entire brain's capacity. Thinking skills will help you make the best use of what you have. Build your thinking skills through the following steps.

  1. Travel. This is probably the best excuse to have a day out of town from a hard day's work. But this is very effective especially if you are really looking for ways to get your head out of a rut. Routine tends to dull the brain. Being on a new area allows you to think harder and think more about your surroundings and activities, something you will not otherwise have if you are always on familiar terrain.
  2. Enroll in a good school. A good school is one that will help you meet your intellectual needs. If your passion is for film, a culinary school may not be a good fit. Make sure that you are able to tailor your needs with the right school of choice. Even if you already have a college degree, keep studying through extramural activities, post graduate studies or short-term workshops to keep your brain exercised.
  3. Turn leisure into brain boosting opportunities. Make your leisure into intellectually profitable ones. Sudoku board games, substantial movies, riddles and other play activities may boost your IQ, so take advantage of those as well. 
  4. Know about the types of intelligences and match your strategy with your own intelligence profile. There are many thinking hats available to man. Spatial intelligence, for example, involves thinking with directions and 3-dimensional space. Other types include intrapersonal (reflections), interpersonal (dealing with other people), kinesthetic (body and health) and many others. If you are familiar which are your strengths and weaknesses, you will know what particular program to apply.
  5. Take IQ tests. Taking IQ tests helps you know your natural intellectual capacity and how you can improve. You will also be able to answer questions that promote your thinking skills.
  6. Discuss and hang out with really intelligent people. Your company will influence you a lot. Many a person who is not really gifted with a high IQ managed to make best use of what they have because they had the habit and pleasure of being with people a lot smarter than them. Be one of those people and get to know as many intelligent and interesting people as you can possibly handle.
  7. Read on a variety of topics. Sticking to just one field makes your thinking sphere stale and limited. Make sure that you are able to get to know things about many topics, so that your brain can establish more connections than what is regularly possible with a single specialization.
  8. Take notes and write about your thoughts. You might not notice how forgetful you can get. One thought slips and it may be gone forever. Write about your thoughts and it will do wonders for your thinking soul.


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