How To Burn More Calories on the Treadmill

The treadmill is probably the exercise machine that you will see in all health clubs. It is favored because it is easy to use, and you can also play with a lot of settings. You can even listen to music and watch TV while you are at it. In case a treadmill is the only exercise machine you have at home and you want to make the most of it, then you can burn more calories by practicing the suggestions below.

  1. Exercise during the mornings. This is when your body is ready for a much longer and more vigorous workout. When you have more energy then you can exercise better.
  2. Wear good exercise gear. When you wear the proper exercise attire and do your walking or running then you can guarantee more calories lose especially if what you are wearing tightens your important areas like your tummy and thighs.
  3. Listen to fast music while running on a treadmill. This is said to increase your speed and agility. It makes you forget about staying on the treadmill for a long time and makes you just go with the beat.
  4. Run without holding on to the handrails. Some people hold the handrails when they do this exercise. Holding the handrails mean less calories burned because resistance is lost. The leg work out that you should be getting is lessened because you are gripping on to the handrails.
  5. When you walk or run on a treadmill. Do not just keep your arms flat on the side. Move your arms like you are jogging. This will work out those arm muscles and avoid chicken arms.
  6. You can use weights while jogging if you are an expert at balancing. However, you might be better off wearing those strap arm and ankle weights. You do not have to worry about not being able to hold the rails and you lose more calories because you have those extra pounds to carry.
  7. Do not maintain the standard incline and slow pace. Start increasing the incline and going a bit faster. This will force your muscles to go with the flow and burn more. If you find it hard at first then just incline and keep walking at a slow pace.
  8. You can also do a multi level treadmill workout by constantly adjusting the incline after a few minutes. Some treadmill machines have the option of different types of workouts your can choose from that controls the speed and the incline automatically.
  9. If you are not fond of going uphill then just adjust your settings to a walk, run, walk routine. Walk for five minutes, run for five again and go back to walking. This will allow you some time to get a bit of rest and will still make you lose calories.
  10. If you spend a longer time on the treadmill than your usual fifteen minutes workout then it would definitely be better. Do it for twenty to thirty minutes and you can get quicker results.

Burning more calories on a treadmill can give you a better result for your weight goal. Just be vigilant in doing regular treadmill exercises and following the tips above. You will lose weight before you know it.


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