How To Burn Upper Body Fat

Some people are simply blessed with a good physique and can even improve it with minimal work. Some people have problems only with the upper parts of the body. Everything else waist down seems to be perfect but the arms, the torso, and the stomach are just not balanced with the rest. In order to improve your looks if you have this problem, learn how to burn upper body fat. Here’s how:

  1. Use weights. You can purchase hand held weights or strap on weights to give your body a good upper body workout. You can do stretching, lifting your arms up and down or sideward arm raises. You can also just hold the weights going towards you, arms bent and do twenty repetitions of this action. This will help you develop arm muscles and lose fat.
  2. Try Pilates. Pilates can do wonders in toning your arms and love handles. It may seem too slow for you once you start it but it works really well for the body. Do Pilates for 30 minutes every other day. It has a whole range of benefits, even relieving stress. Always keep your stomach tucked in during the exercise. This will make your abdominal muscles tighten making it shrink in size if done for a long time.
  3. Go swimming. Swimming automatically makes you push your stomach in. That’s your abs muscles getting a good workout without much effort. Swimming tones your arms when you do those long strokes.
  4. Try a new sport like rowing. Using those arms in holding those oars to paddle for fifteen minutes is intensive workout. It can build arm and stomach muscles more quickly than you thought it would.
  5. Do sit ups. Sit ups make you tighten your muscles and burn body fat. You can do traditional sit ups or purchase those inexpensive sit up equipments so you would not hurt your back.
  6. Rock climbing can burn body fat. You can join some clubs offering out of town trips. Pulling on your arm muscles to lift yourself up will guarantee upper fat burning.
  7. Do push ups. This is something you can do for ten minutes a day, stomach in. You can do this best early morning before you eat your breakfast. It will wake you up and burn stored fats. It will strengthen your arms as well.
  8. Use resistance bands. When you exert effort, your muscles work hard to pull these bands. Tuck in your stomach to double the fat burning process.
  9. Do chin ups and exercise on parallel bars. Go to the gym and find equipments that are focused for the upper body.
  10. While watching TV, instead of eating junk food get those arm weights and exercise a few minutes. If you do this each time you watch TV then you will be surprised at the results.

There are a number of ways you can burn upper body fat, and most of them are mentioned above. Like any other exercise, you have to eat right to have a good physique. You can burn more if you learn to discipline yourself and change your lifestyle.


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