How To Buy Açaí Berry with No Scams

Voted as the No. 1 Superfood, the açaí berry, (pronounced as ah-sigh-ee) has become popular as an effective diet supplement. The berry is the fruit of açaí palm trees that grow in Brazil’s Amazon rain forest. It has a dark purple color and looks like a grape even in size.

It is a popular fruit in Brazil and Columbia and is very rich in amino acids, essential fatty acids and antioxidants. It has 15 to 20 times more antioxidants than red grapes that makes is one of the best sources of food antioxidants. Several books, the NBC, ABC, and CBS news, and the Oprah Winfrey and Rachael Ray shows have featured this berry as the number one superfood. Because of its popularity and numerous endorsements the sale of the acai berry has led to scam artists taking advantage of the opportunity.

Research the companies that sell açaí berry products and what they offer, if you intend to buy açaí berry. To know which are scams, consider the following pointers before buying or signing up for any type of program.

You can be scammed in several ways. One way is if you join an acai multi-level marketing, or pyramid scheme where the company requires you to shell out money right away to join the company’s program. You get your supply and get a chance to earn income when you sell açaí berry pills or açaí berry juice, or other products the company supplies. This kind of program aims to make you recruit other people to join the program so you earn more with more referrals.

There are a variety of these marketing programs but not all are scams. You just need to carefully read the terms and conditions to understand what you are signing up to. There are legitimate açaí berry money-making opportunities. 

The best way for you to know if the açaí berry is good for you is if you try it first. But another way you can be scammed is if you choose sites that offer free açaí berry deals where you just need to pay for handling and shipping. Getting a bottle of açaí berry pills for free is an excellent idea to try the product. Make sure to always read the fine print to a FREE offer before you sign up, because you may later be automatically charged for orders you did not place.

There are several free trial offers online. Take note that by ordering a free bottle of the açaí berry pills, you are automatically signing up to the company’s trial program that will send you pills regularly and eventually will bill you for all succeeding supplies delivered. Look for agreements where you can cancel your subscription when the free trial period ends, and you will only need to pay for the cost of handling and shipping If you do not want to continue the program and be billed, you have to cancel your membership right away.

There are cases when members choose to continue the join the açaí berry program because of the benefits they got from taking the acai supplement. Try to avoid misleading websites and take time to read the fine print before signing in.

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