How To Buy a Crosswalk Treadmill

It's actually a good idea to invest in a crosswalk treadmill. However, you should make sure that you get the right kind of treadmill for you. This is to ensure satisfactory results as well as to let you not cry over a waste of money.

There are a lot of treadmills available in the market including Proform, Sears and Ironman Treadmill. So if you are considering getting one for yourself, be knowledgeable on how you can choose a good crosswalk treadmill.

  1. Check the Numbers. Since the treadmill will form part in the everyday workout activity, it is necessary that you are comfortable and you are getting the most out of it. The first thing you need to consider is the measurements. Check what you need to know about treadmill measurements:
    • The right measurement of the treadmill system. Depending on where you want to place the treadmill, you can choose a size that will fit the area well. Usually, a treadmill is measured 65 inches by 28 inches.
    • See the belt and the deck. Your minimum qualification for the belt needs to be two-ply with the size of 17 inches by 49 inches. For the deck, it needs to be at least three-fourths inch thick.
    • Know the price. Lower priced treadmills are usually bargained because of their steel frame treadmill parts. More expensive treadmills are made of aluminum. You need to weigh in not only the one that fits your budget but also your needs. For more convenience, it is best to get aluminum-made ones because they are lighter and are easier to move.
  2. Check the Parts. There will be lots of treadmills there that will try to get your attention with fancy programming. However, what are most needed here are quality treadmill parts for optimum efficiency. Here is a list of the important parts and how you will be able to determine its quality.
    • Motor - You need to look for motors with a rating of Continuous Duty. This rating means that the motors are durable and perform in a steady pace as compared to other kinds of motors. This kind of motor ensures great performance and lesser chances to ever need a repair. You need to take note as well that these two motor ratings should be avoided — the Treadmill Duty and Peak Performance.
    • Control System - It is always a must to go for a treadmill that has a control system, which is easy to use. Also, it is a good buy if a treadmill starts slowly and stops slowly. It is also a must that there is an emergency stop control included in the crosswalk treadmill system.
    • Rollers - When it comes to rollers, the bigger is always the better.
    • Frame - Among the best frames for crosswalk treadmill are steel, aluminum and aircraft aluminum.

In terms of the treadmill parts, all but the frame needs to have a warranty of two years or even more. It is a must that the frames have a lifetime warranty. So here, if you want to make a good investment out of a crosswalk treadmill, make sure to check it in complete details. This is true not only for crosswalk treadmills but also for lifestyle treadmills and any other types as well.


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