How To Buy a Medical Lift Chair

Medical lift chairs are specially made chairs for people who have disabilities like rheumatism. They are also useful for people who have leg injuries or have just come from surgery. They are also useful in preventing varicose veins, along with compression stockings. Lift chairs are wonderful for people who cannot move around from place to place without medical help. This guide will teach you on how to buy a medical life chair.

  1. Consult your physician. Before everything else, consult your physician. Although some of us would prefer to work on comfortable chairs (and medical lift chairs certainly are comfortable!), there is really no need to shell out more dollars from your pocket for medical lift chairs if you don’t really need it. However, physicians will be glad to help you out on medications so that you won’t need medical lift chairs. If you really want a medical lift chair for preventive purposes or your doctor deems it necessary, then ask him about details regarding brands, weight, mobility and such. This will give you a professional idea on medical lift chairs before you even get to the store. Remember that your doctor may refer you to another doctor, an orthopedic doctor, or a chiropractor for more information and this may cost you more. However, it is and will be worth it.
  2. Weight and position. Most lift chairs can carry a weight of 300 to 400 pounds, but there are some specially made chairs for heavier people for up to 700 pounds. Bespoke (or custom-made) chairs are also available. Ask your retailer for these kinds. There are generally three positions to lift chairs. Straight, TV recline, and fully reclined. The straight position helps you get into a comfortable position while reading, writing, or using the computer. TV recline is an angle good for watching television while fully reclined is great for naps.
  3. Accessories. Some more expensive lift chairs offer heating and massaging systems which are a great help to those who cannot stand as they relax muscles which are strained from too much sitting. However, a good stretch and a nice walk outside is really all that is needed for those who can still do it. Think about how much you will spend and if chair heating is worth it. After all, there’s always the blanket.
  4. Online shopping. Online shopping is the best way to buy your own medical lift chair if you can’t go out of the house often. There are a number of medical supply stores in your area that will gladly take your order. However, the more popular ones may be farther away but at least they have shipping services, which, bear in mind, you’ll have to pay for. is an American-based company that offers free shipping at low prices. They have discounts too for those interested in pricier lift chairs. There are, of course, other websites that sell them whether through credit card, PayPal or COD. Some of these include,, and

Whether for recuperative purposes or simply something for comfort, medical lift chairs offer wonderful, solid construction that can last for years. Although pricier than other recliner chairs, they can help in back pains and leg injuries.


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