How To Buy Acupuncture Needles

Set of acupuncture needles

Acupuncture is a treatment procedure that involves the insertion and manipulation of filiform needles into specific body points to relieve body pains. Acupuncture is derived from the Latin word acus, meaning "needle", and the word pungere, or "to prick". In Chinese, the terms zhēnbiān, or zhēnjiǔ together with moxibustion, also refers to acupuncture.

Acupoints are the points located in the body where sonopuncture, laser acupuncture, acupuncture, and acupressure treatments are focused. These acupuncture points are also called in Chinese: pinyin: shùxué or pinyin: xuéwèi, and in Japanese: tsubo. The numerous acupuncture points in the body are found along meridians that affect specific parts or organs of the body.

In China, acupuncture has been practiced since the Stone Age, making use of sharpened stones or Bian shi. In TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine, the identified acupoints stimulate the meridian system to relieve body pain by rebalancing a person’s yang, yin, and qi or chi.

Since acupuncture is an invasive procedure that requires needles to penetrate skin, there are certain risks involved in its use. It is recommended that only trained acupuncturists use these needles for any type of therapy.

Acupuncture needles are being mass produced in varying kinds, types and qualities. Before buying acupuncture needles, consider the following tips:  

1. Find out if your state allows the sale and purchase of acupuncture needles especially if you are not a certified or trained acupuncturist but would like to buy acupuncture needles. Some suppliers may require buyers to present valid a practitioner’s license as an MD, LAc, or DC, or a resale permit to purchase.

2. Compare the brands and types available in the market. Seirin acupuncture needles have received reviews as the best quality acupuncture needles available. They come in different lengths and gauges, and have Seirin B, J and L types. Seirin needles undergo 8 strict quality control checks during manufacturing. The needles are all sterilized with EO gas, electrolyte-cleaned, and are guaranteed to last at least 3 years. As a cheaper alternative, Tewa acupuncture needles are also in the market. These needles are of high quality with a stainless steel tip and individual guide tubes.

3. Some suppliers can manufacture your needles according your needs. Explore the costs and possibility of custom made needles being manufactured for you. Manufacturers can produce:

  • silver, copper or golden needles
  • color coded according to size.
  • needles with metal, plastic, or spiral handles, ring handles, ring passivated, all steel ring handle, stainless steel, steel handle, nickel-coated, copper carved designs, aluminum handles
  • plastic tube of aluminum tube acu-needles set
  • detox needles, seven-star dermal needles, intradermal embedding needles
  • sterile press needles for single use
  • granular needles, small knife needles
  • acupuncture instrument sets
  • needle imitations of ancient types

4. Compare all inclusive costs to find out if it is cheaper to purchase online, from suppliers or as demanded. You would definitely like to buy from a trusted brand for safety and quality. While looking into acupuncture needles to buy, look into the cost of moxibustion supplies you may need as well. The common supplies used are:

  • Hoist Smokeless Moxa Sticks. These moxa sticks are densely packed and generate extreme heat for therapeutic results. Each stick is slow burning and contains herbs that promote health and moxa.
  • Moxsafe has a ring-shaped stainless steel moxa carrier and a ring with a mugwort carbon. Moxsafe is usually placed and lighted at the end of an acupuncture metal needle handle.


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