How To Buy Baby Prams

One of the major items you will be buying for your baby is a baby pram. It would be an investment well worth it, as baby prams are very useful for many years. There are plenty of prams available in the market though, and you could get overwhelmed or carried away. So before you set out and get yourself one, you have to at least know what you want and determine what you need.

First, determine the different types of prams in the market. Baby prams come in triple, double, and the most popular single seating types. If you have more than one child in the family, then a double or triple pram would probably serve you better. Some types of prams are very customized and you can easily position the child to either face you or face each other. Some multiple seater prams come in double decker types, with one seat slightly higher than other. Some prams also come with adjustable handle bars, which will make handling, pushing or pulling it easier.

Know which one your family prefers before buying. Check at online catalogues for the features, or better yet, go window shopping the first time and test or see the items for yourself.

You must also consider getting a second hand pram, if buying brand new is going to take a huge dent in the budget. There are many acceptable second hand prams you can find on online classifieds like Craigslist or eBay, or local newspaper classifieds. You must pick one that can grow with the child as there are prams that may be appropriate to use form infancy to toddler-hood. You should buy one that you can maximize its use for.

Before getting an actual pram, whether its brand new or second hand, examine the construction thoroughly first and determine the following:

  • Are the belts secure enough?
  • Are the wheels and the support on the seats sturdy enough?
  • Does it come with brakes? If not, how do you manage it?
  • Can it maneuver in any type of terrain?
  • Just in case you would need to use it for a family outdoor trip, would it be able to handle the environment?
  • How do you imagine the ride feels? Most trams are of course made to also provide your baby security and safety, but it would greatly help to determine this entire thing first before buying.

Check for any product recalls before buying the pram. Store clerks must always be honest and able to disclose this to you.  You can check the Consumers Safety Protection Commission for information about it. The last thing you would want is to be all set about buying the pram that comes with the entire feature you want, only to learn it has been officially recalled by the manufacturer for safety reasons.

Ask about replacements and warranties as some wear and tear may be expected of this item. Make sure to also check if the pram comes with a manual and a replacement guarantee.


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