How To Buy Contacts Online with an FSA

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Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) are a well-known form of tax-advantageous financial accounts where employees can set aside part of their income for approved expenses. These include a variety of medical expenses that even allow for purchasing contact lenses online.

Here are the steps for buying contacts online with an FSA:

  • Check if you have an FSA debit card. A lot of insurance companies provide holders with FSA debit cards which function the same way as ordinary debit cards. If you don’t have one yet but are eligible for one, apply with your insurance company. Visit their company website or meet with their representative in your office.
  • Visit a contact lens website. Read the details, FAQs and instructions and apply for a contact lens of the correct grade. Prioritize larger contact lens companies ads they have more lenses in stock, which increases your chance they will have your preferences ready for delivery. You may compare prices between several companies and make your decision based of that.
  • Enter your FSA account number on the checkout page. Once you reach the checkout page, the menu should allow you to pay using your FSA debit card. Read your account number from your debit card and enter it on the webpage. Beware of entering your account number or total amount paid several times if the website seems to freeze; the company may interpret that as multiple orders on your part and charge you several times over. Call the store and confirm that you only transacted once.
  • Contact the online store. If you are having problems entering your account number on the webpage, you may contact the online store and give your account number with their personnel. Take down the name and contact number of the personnel you interacted with for future reference. Confirm that the transaction is successful before hanging up. The company should email you an online receipt as proof of your transaction and payment.
  • Reimburse your credit card usage. If you don’t have an FSA debit card but have an FSA account, you can use a credit card to initially pay for your online contact lens. You may then file for reimbursement with your insurance company.
  • Purchase contact lens accessories online. You may also use your debit card to buy rinse and cleaner solutions, lens travel cases and eye drops online. Your insurance company should recognize these supplemental purchases as part of your medical expenses.
  • Confirm the renewal date of your FSA. You may be unable to use your FSA funds if you fail to renew your FSA. The renewal date should be stated on the debit card. If your renewal date is still unclear to you, contact your insurance company and confirm the date. Make sure to renew it a month before this date to account for the processing period.

If you don’t use your FSA funds before the expiration date, the insurance company will forfeit the remaining balance. Don’t be afraid to use your FSA for eligible medical expenses.


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