How To Buy Cruelty-Free Baby Food

Consuming cruelty-free foods is an ideal lifestyle that is both healthy and beneficial to people, the environment, and most especially, to the animals. People who choose to steer clear of animal-tested products and animal derivatives have most likely been made aware of the exploitation and severe cruelty that are involved in the manufacture of animal products. This means that they avoid purchasing commodities that are not cruelty free, most especially those that have animal ingredients and have been tested on animals like cosmetics, leather, soaps, and shampoos.

For those who wish to adopt a healthier lifestyle, start by purchasing baby food that contains no animal derivatives and is guaranteed to be cruelty-free to enhance your child’s health. There are various websites that can help you locate cruelty-free baby food and order online for your convenience. Here are a few examples:

1.    Read labels of the baby food before purchasing. You have to carefully check the label of the baby food to make sure that it is cruelty-free. Look for the logo that confirms that the baby food is a certified cruelty-free product. Nowadays, labels of cruelty-free baby food products carry a picture of a bunny with a slash through it.

2.    Search for natural food stores who are producer of cruelty-free baby food online. Below are some of the websites of companies who manufacture cruelty-free baby food products.

  • Vegan Village - This website has been set up to advocate veganism as a healthier lifestyle and to help promote other vegan companies. It contains around 200 vegan companies and contacts in the main listings. The website has provided a noticeboard for vegan “small adverts”, homepages and vegan recipes.
  • Alternative Stores – This is a website that aims to promote ethical food that have not been tested on animals and do not include ingredients derived from animals. Their products are strictly organic and 100% dairy free and highly recommended for vegans and vegetarians. These products are also suitable for those with special dietary needs. Aside from selling products such as household items, cosmetics, supplements, and clothing at affordable prices, the website has an entire section on baby food for healthy options for your child.
  • Green Monkey – This is the good place to find organic baby food online as the products are grown naturally. Their baby foods are fortified with premium and cruelty-free ingredients that provide the best nutrition for you child. Aside from being nutritious, their products are absolutely delicious. Rest assured that these products are made by mothers who want nothing but the best for children.

3.    Find food companies or stores who manufacture and sell cruelty-free baby food products. If you want to be certain that the baby food products are 100% cruelty-free, then you may opted to contact and purchase directly food products from these accredited baby food manufacturing companies or stores who are registered members of Corporate Standard of Compassion for Animals (CSCA).

Complete avoidance of animal products has undeniably fantastic benefits pertaining to health and the environment. Aside from visiting online shops, you should also read up to be in the know of the essential information that can help you live a healthier lifestyle familiarize yourself with the kind of ingredients that are guaranteed cruelty-free. When purchasing baby food, make sure that you check the labels first before you buy anything.

There are cruelty-free companies that have logos on each product to assure you that they are organic and do not contain animal derivatives. Opt to shop in places that sell natural foods or supermarkets and find listings of companies that produce products that are cruelty-free. Purchasing cruelty-free products will not only benefit your child, but animals and the environment as well.


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