How To Buy Prescription Medication in Mexico

While Mexico may be considerably less economically robust than the United States, it doesn’t mean that it’s a poor country by any account. Mexico is one the richest Spanish-speaking countries and it is easily the center of commerce in the Central American region. It has a respectable government that has jurisdiction over a huge territory that has a good sized population.

That being said, buying prescription medication in Mexico should not be that much of a risk. While there may be a rare instance of having counterfeits, it’s still unlikely to happen if you purchase your medicine from reputable drug stores that are all over the country. If you’re from close to the border – states like California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas—you may want to consider driving past the border to get your drugs in Mexico. Due to the weaker economy, most products are sold for a lot less. This means that you can make substantial savings by buying your medicine from Mexico as opposed to in the States.

Here’s how you can buy prescription medication in Mexico:

Know the drug. Before going to Mexico and crossing the border, get the details right for your drug first. What’s the brand name and what’s the generic name? While the brand names may be different once you cross the border, the generic name is meant to be universal for almost all countries. You may get these details from the packaging of the medication itself or from the small paper insert that comes with the box.

Know the dose. This is very important. Knowing the right amount of the drug is crucial in having a desired therapeutic effect with the medication. Ask your doctor about it.

Get a prescription. You may have to get a prescription from a local doctor in Mexico if you need a prescription to buy it in the US. Worry not; doctor charges are also relatively cheaper in Mexico.

Go to any reputable drug stores or pharmacies in town. You may use the Internet beforehand so you can get directions to the place. There are two types of pharmacies in Mexico. The bigger ones are the only ones who are allowed to dispense drugs that are said to be “controlled”. These include anti-psychotic drugs and other medications that may be abused due to their narcotic effects.

Give the prescription to the pharmacist on duty. Make sure that you’re getting the right drug with the right dosage. Always double check your purchased drug before leaving the drug store so you could have it replaced immediately if there have been any mistakes.

Before doing any of this, always consult your doctor first. If he doesn’t think that going to Mexico to buy your medication may not be a good idea, ask him why. If you’re convinced by his reasoning, then heed his advice. Should you think otherwise, ask the opinion of another doctor and see if you can get someone to vouch for the quality of the drugs in Mexico.


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