How To Buy Spirulina Powder Supplement and Use It

Have you heard of Spirulina powder supplement? Odd as its name sounds, Spirulina powder supplement is really beneficial to one’s health. Spirulina is technically also known as green algae. Though many confuse it with seaweed, it is not. It usually grows on freshwater bodies of water. Spirulina is “harvested” from these bodies of water and is dried and converted to powder for everyone to enjoy its health benefits. Spirulina supplement is packed full of several kinds of Vitamin B, Vitamin C, D and E. It is full of minerals that will greatly provide a natural boost to your body’s health. If you have doubts on how to purchase this health supplement, the following are tips on how to purchase and use Spirulina powder supplement.

  • Visit your local organic health store. Buying your powdered supplements from your health store provides you with a more intimate look into the products you wish to buy. Because of the over-all welcoming feel of your local stores, it is very easy for you to ask around about Spirulina. Engage the store keepers in real conversation, and you will be sure to pick up useful facts and tips on Spirulina powder.
  • Check the label. Once you’ve committed to purchasing the supplement, don’t just jump in and buy the first brand that you see. Read the description  of the product and check if the brand is organic. Find out if the spirulina was cultivated naturally without using harmful chemicals like pesticides or herbicides. Naturally, they won’t really declare this harmful information on the label. What you can do instead is look for a sign saying that the Spirulina Powder supplement is certified organic.
  • Buy only pure Spirulina powder. Again, this can be seen in the product label. Check the ingredient’s section and see if the brand you are buying is free from additives and fillers. Make sure that you are purchasing Spirulina alone, with no additional ingredients and preservatives. Ensuring that the spirulina is pure means that you will experience the effects of the product in all its potency. Using the ones with extra ingredients might dilute the efficacy of the algae.
  • Mix it with juice. Once you have purchased Spirulina powdered supplement, you are ready to try it out. If the thought of drinking powdered algae makes you feel a little queasy, you can try taking it with other liquids other than pure water. You can “mask” the powder supplement, by adding it to a fruit juice concoction. You can even make a fruit and yoghurt smoothie and add a dash of the supplement to your drink. Adding the supplement to a fresh fruit or vegetable juice drink will give you double the health benefits.
  • Try it in tablet form. If you still haven’t become used to taking spirulina in powder form, you may look for stores that offer this supplement in tablet form. This will cut back your preparation time to a few seconds. Simply pop a tablet regularly and you get the same healthy dose of Spirulina.

If your local health store does not provide Spirulina health supplements, you may find it online. If you plan to buy Spirulina online, make sure that you are purchasing them from a reputable online store.


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