How To Buy Wholesale Fitness Products

Due to our instability of schedule and our immersion to sedentary lines of work, we may find it very difficult to take time to care for ourselves. But for those lucky enough to have a fair amount of time to spare, the fitness gym is definitely the best place to spend it. For those who have the space, why not put up your own gym and make it a living? If you do this, the first things you need are the equipment. Buy them wholesale and you'll see a big difference in price.

Here's how to get the best deals on wholesale fitness equipment online so you can start you fitness career.

  • Fitness Wholesale Online - This is going to be your main source of fitness equipment products and weight machines. The site offers a whole range of wholesale items from body bars, boxing gears, heart monitors, pilates gears, weights, fitness balls, foam rollers and other equipment that can fill up your gym space. FW has an online catalog for you to review before ordering and on-site you can see their latest brands and designs so you can be sure your gym is in top shape. Get to know more about Fitness Wholesale by contacting 800-537-5512 or visit the Web site at for more details.
  • Advance Custom Promotions - Its name says everything. ACP strives to provide buyers not just the equipment they need but promotional solutions to their gym needs. ACP understands that gym owners need to stay at the top of their game so it offers the top brands available in the market. With an easy-to-navigate interface, ACP's Web site is a sure hit for everyone who's looking for the perfect fitness equipment to buy. You can see their gallery through or call them at 877-776-6680 for more inquiries.
  • American Fitness - A trusted name in the wholesale fitness business, American Fitness continues to stand by its aims to provide quality gym gear and weight machines. Form all sorts of strength-building gears to cardio equipment and other specialty workouts, AF maintains its international recognition as the leader in he industry. Since 1998, it has gained steady grounds in the industry and continues to provide fitness equipment to major fitness centers in the country and abroad. Check out their wide selection of items at or call 866-633-9961.
  • Wholesale Point - If you're looking for excellent prices and great discounts with a huge selection of fitness equipment, the name you can trust is Wholesale Point. WP provides both retail and wholesale services and other medical and health services to match your gym needs. In fact you can find a lot of helpful information and a good arsenal of services at its Web site that's sure to make your gym a health haven for your gym players. Wholesale Point's range of products include equipment for balance and stability workout, pedometers, gym balls, yoga and pilates, weight scales, weight machines, resistance training kits and gears, and more. You can call them at 800-986-0525 or visit the Web site at


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