How To Calculate the Ideal Body Weight for Children

The body weight of children determines their health most of the time. Hence, as a parent, it is important for you to keep track of their weight to ensure that their health is at their best. Knowing and understanding the ideal weight for children is important not only for you as a parent but for your children, too.

The most common way to calculate the ideal weight for children is using the BMI or the body mass index. However, it is important for you to know that BMI alone cannot guarantee an accurate calculation of children's ideal weight. There are a lot of other factors that must be considered together with it to come up with an efficient calculation. Check out these steps to help you get a good calculation of children's ideal body weight:

  • Calculate the BMI. The formula for getting the BMI of children is kg/m^2 x 703. Follow these steps to come up with a good calculation.
    • Know the weight of the child in kilograms and the height in meters.
    • Divide the weight of the child by the square of his height. The simple formula for this one is kg/m^2.
    • Multiply the result by 703. The result of this calculation will be any number from 12 to 80.
  • Use BMI calculators. Other than following the above-mentioned formula, you can opt to use BMI calculators for a more convenient and accurate calculation. The Internet has a lot of this kind of calculator to help your for this purpose. Ensure, however, that you prepare different data of your child including the height, weight, gender, and age.
  • Know the figures for a healthy BMI. A child's BMI can either be healthy or otherwise depending on the figures you have calculated. A BMI of 18.5 to 24.9 is considered a healthy one. A BMI of 25 to 29.9 is already overweight while a BMI of 30 is considered already obese. On the other hand, a BMI that is below 18.5 means the child is underweight.
  • Use the BMI to determine the ideal weight for children. Get any healthy BMI value, which is any number from 18.5 to 24.9. Divide any chosen figure by 703. Use the result and multiply it by the square of your child's height. Take note that the height here must be recorded in inches. The result of this one will be the ideal weight for the child.
  • Consult the BMI chart for children. The BMI chart for girls is different than that of the boys. Take note as well that you must check the chart for children and not for adults. Notice the labels of different charts so that you can be certain that you are looking at the right chart. If you go online, search for a BMI chart for people from 2 to 20 years old. Determine the BMI percentile using the chart by locating the BMI in the vertical line and the age in the horizontal one. With the intersection as a basis, you will see the corresponding BMI percentile of your child. A percentile from 85 to 95 means overweight while a percentile that is more than 95 is obese.

Knowing the ideal weight for children is of great importance, especially when speaking of their health. Therefore, as a responsible parent, calculate and understand children's perfect weight. Then use this knowledge to help them to become healthier in the long run.


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