How To Camouflage Rosacea

A lot of people suffer from rosacea, which is a common skin condition where facial eruptions, such as flushing, redness and red bumps, occur along the nose and the cheeks. The condition is most common among aging folks and for some people, the outbreak ranges from bothersome to embarrassing.

Rosacea, however, doesn't have an outright cure. But there are plenty of things you can do to at least hide it. Listed below are some of the most effective and common methods for camouflaging rosacea.

1.    Before you do any camouflage, you have to know your face first. If you constantly have skin eruptions, the most prudent thing to do is to have a dermatologist check this to determine what it really is, and then come up with a skin regimen solution later. Set up an appointment and get a proper diagnosis. If the dermatologist has confirmed that it is rosacea, then ask for the best way to treat it and get a prescription. The doctor should be able to prescribe an antibiotic cream to help it from erupting any further, but it may not be able to hide away the blemishes completely.

2.    Use and buy only trusted skin products that are safe for rosacea skin conditions. If you are fond of using make-up, go with the mineral kind. They do not contain harsh chemicals, which may possibly worsen the condition. You have to remember that with your skin becoming so sensitive, an all-natural type of make-up is better to use because it is proven and tested to not irritate the skin, especially when you have to apply layers upon layers of foundation and blush to it.

Carefully even this out over your entire face, for a smoother look. Smoothing it over should also reduce the risk of having your foundation cake on your face, leaving residues that could irritate it.

3.    Use other corrective make up to hide away the bumps and the redness. If you are not comfortable with mineral based make-up for some reason, look for the ones produced by cosmetic companies specifically for hiding facial flaws. Brands like Eurecin Redness Relief, Almay, Go Natural, and Special Care Cover have specialized beauty products for rosacea.  Pick the one that's right for your skin type as these products have varied consistency and texture and you could pick the one that’s not compatible for your skin.

Wearing this type of corrective make-up not only solves the problem with your rosacea, it will also seemingly give your face the glow and flawless look you want to achieve.

4.    Make it a habit wash your face regularly, by using a mild cleanser. You must learn to apply moisturizers before bedtime, too, so that this should help with the dryness and irritation.  This would also help reduce the redness and dryness, thus not making your skin condition more prominent. When washing your face, be careful not to use hot water as this can aggravate the eruptions.


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