How To Care for Anal Fissures Postpartum

Anal fissures are a pain in the butt to deal with, literally and figuratively. Post partum anal fissures are most uncomfortable, since they punctuate a painful but rewarding process of helping give life to another young individual on earth. In a phase where avoidance is no longer possible, you can go for preventive measure or damage control measures. Faster recovery from anal fissures is possible especially if you care for it in the right way. Here are ways is caring for postpartum anal fissures:

  1. Fiber. Fiber lessens the potential stress your anus will have to go through each time you sit on your bathroom's throne. Eating a fiber rich set of foods will ensure that you will not be needlessly wheedling your way to let out your bowels. Your main objective is to keep your anal area as stress-free as humanely possible, and this is the first step to achieve that.
  2. Bowel movement. Your bowel movement needs to be as relaxed as possible. If it won't go, don't force it because it will wreak havoc on your fissures. Just make sure that you don't forget to breathe in and out slowly as you let your bowels out.
  3. Exposure. This is quite difficult to achieve during the day, but you need to let some air get to the wound for faster healing. This means you are required to occasionally shed off your underwear and clothing to help expose your anal wounds from time to time. Just make sure to keep your doors locked when you do this.
  4. Warm or cold relief. Extremes of heat and cold can help alleviate the pain and discomfort. Get a clean cold or warm compress to place in the affected area. You might want to modify your sleeping position to be able to us this regularly and help you fall asleep.
  5. Cleansing. Witch hazel on cotton pads is the best cleansing tool especially after a bowel movement. Constant cleansing is essential, but make sure that you do it as gently as possible.
  6. Medications. Medications prescribed by the doctor or specific instructions given to you for surgery are vital for your recovery. Some tough women can wait for it to heal on its own, but then there are some severe cases that really require medical help. Make sure you do not hinder medical help that is available for you and take advantage of every opportunity to heal it quickly.
  7. Movement. Movement in the form of light physical exercise slowly helps you get back to your old routines and reintroduces your anal fissures back to the real world. If you stay stagnant at home with your fissure, it will just fester and have you completely immobilized. Do some gardening and light tasks.
  8. Kegel. Kegel exercises are helpful in specifically strengthening your core muscles and your middle body area. This is helpful especially in helping avoid another instance of anal fissures in the future. The new flexibility can be used for many things.
  9. Water intake. Get a lot of water during this very painful phase of your life. Many women with postpartum anal fissures have derived immense benefit from this naturally occurring liquid. And it saves you hassles from other health problems as well.


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