How To Cast Spells

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Casting a spell can be easy! There are many generic spells that can help you in every area of your life. Spells for love, protection, and good fortune are just a few of the spells you can cast.

While those more experienced in casting spells can write their own, if you are new to casting spells you should stick to ones that are already written.The best way to begin is by using an instructive guide, which is I'm sure why you're reading this! The fact is, there's too much to cover in one article. We'll cover the basics and give you an introduction, but to truly learn ot cast spells, I recommend Old Witchcraft.

The exact directions for casting the spell depend on the particular spell, but all of them require the same six steps:

  1. Believe in the power of your spell.  If you don’t believe that you can cast a spell, it will never work. You must have faith in yourself, as well as the ability to concentrate as you are casting the spell. If you are just doing it for fun or as a party trick and don’t really believe the spell will work, it won’t. If you are at all skeptical about casting spells, then it will likely be futile to try.
  2. Choose a spell.  The spell you choose will depend on your intentions, as well as the length of time you want it to take, and the complexity of spell you want to attempt. Spells can be found in books, as well as from other Wiccans or on the internet.
  3. Gather your materials.  Although some spells are in the form of recitations to be read, most simple spells require a piece of parchment or other fine quality writing paper, as well as black marker. Read the directions for your particular spell to find any other needed materials, which can include candles or a needle, among other items.
  4. Prepare yourself.  Before casting the spell, you must relax, clearing your mind of any negative thoughts. Mediation can help you prepare. Along with believing that the spell will work, being relaxed and positive is one of the most important factors in increasing the likelihood the spell will work.
  5. Cast the spell.  Many spells are simple, short recitations. As you recite the spell, concentrate on the words and the subject of your spell with all of your will. Be sure that you know specifically what you want, because the spell will not work if it is too general.

    Other spells include writing the person’s name on a piece of paper in a circle, so the ends meet. No matter the directions for your spell, you must concentrate with your mind and body or the spell will not work.

  6. Don’t obsess.  After your spell has been cast, don’t obsess about it, or share it with others. This will decrease its effectiveness.

Before casting a spell, make sure that you are following the Wiccan credo: “And ye harm none, do what ye will.” In other words, be ethical and do not cast a spell in order to harm someone. With this limitation, spells can still be useful for improving many areas of your life.


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