How To Change Your Relationship with Food

Change Your Relationship, Change Your Life!

Dieters use emotional relationship words to describe their eating habits. I love chocolate. I love ice cream. I was so good this week because I stayed on my diet. I cheated yesterday and feel so guilty because I ate dessert.

Like most doomed relationships, the object of your affection does not reciprocate. Food cannot love. Food does not care how much you need it, or want it and it will never return your "love". It is a doomed relationship from the start and food is just not that into you.

Change your vocabulary. When you’re talking about your weight loss program, eliminate all relationship words such as cheat and guilt and replace them with the word choice. Give yourself the power to choose instead of feeling powerless over emotional feelings related to food. Take control over your relationship; the food won’t care.

Don’t measure your life’s experiences with your food relationship. You don’t have a good week or a bad week depending on the choices you make regarding food. Measure your worth by the friends you have, the family you love and the accomplishments you make at work and at home. Your character is measured by what you give to the world, not by what you put into your month.

Reward yourself with material things that will last. Replace the message, "It’s my birthday, let’s all go out for a special dinner, with "It’s my birthday, I’m going out to buy a new pair of shoes." You won’t ever feel guilty about what you put in your mouth if you have something really great to put on your feet. And unlike food, shoes do not end up in the toilet at the end of the day.

Find ways to be happy which are not food related. When you’re having a bad day, replace the line, "I feel sad, I’m going to have an ice cream cone so I’ll feel better" with "I feel sad, I’m going to a comedy show", or "I feel sad, I’m going to buy a new pair of shoes! Food is only a temporary fix, like phoning an old lover and hanging up after they answer. Food will never give you the happiness or the love you need, because food doesn’t care about your happiness. Food is selfish like that.

Write food a "Dear John" letter. Write down all the reasons you are no longer interested in your particular favorite food. Make the food jealous by telling it about all the new loves in your life; smaller jeans, healthier lifestyle, compliments from friends, and all those really great new pairs of shoes!



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