Choosing Diabetes Testing Meters: Blood Sugar Meters

These Meters can Help with Managing Diabetes and Checking Your Blood Sugar Levels

Many people today are afflicted with type 1 diabetes. If you live with diabetes, you will need to monitor your blood glucose levels. A Blood Glucose Meter is a battery operated hand held tool that gets an accurate measurement of your blood sugar levels using a small blood sample. There are many brands with several different features available today. These are easy to use and give quick results. These are portable and give accurate readings within 5 seconds.

These blood sugar meters are a life saving device because they warn the patient of unusual glucose levels and can give immediate reminders to tell the patient to eat to bring glucose levels within a safe range. It also helps your doctor manage your diabetes since the information is downloadable, giving your doctor instant access to your current condition.

Start managing diabetes with these helpful meters. Here are a few factors to consider for when choosing a diabetes testing meter:

Ease of use. You want a meter that can work with as minimal amount of blood as possible to get an accurate reading. Most meters need 1.0 microliters or less to give an accurate result but newer models can work with even as little as 0.3 microliters. Also, it would be convenient if the meter can work with samples taken from different parts of the body rather than just the finger. An alternative testing site may be the palm, forearm or even your thigh.

Cost. A testing meter is very affordable at under $100 and is readily available at your neighborhood pharmacy. Some insurance companies even cover the cost of the meter and some manufacturers give them for free. Although you may find free diabetic meters, the real cost to consider is the testing strips as you will use several in a day and cannot be reused. It is good to buy these in bulk. The strips usually only work for the specific brand of your meter. A strip costs up to a dollar so this really adds up.

Size. Blood glucose meters are portable and can fit readily in your purse so that you can test your blood sugar level on the go. There are some that are so small you can put it in your pocket. These also come with a small pouch or carrying case. Keep in mind, you may have to compromise the size of the display screen when getting a smaller meter.

Memory. Ideally, your meter should store around 2 weeks worth of data so you can monitor your glucose levels. Some models even indicate when you have an unusual reading and will remind you to visit your doctor. There are also models that warn you to eat carbohydrates immediately when your glucose levels are dangerously low. The information on your meter can also be downloaded on your PC computer so you can immediately send the information to your health practitioner to answer any questions about your blood glucose level.

Diabetes doesn’t have to deter you from being able to do the things you want. With simple monitoring and some lifestyle changes, you can manage this disease. A blood glucose meter is an exceptional tool that will truly help you in keeping your health on track. You can check out for more information on diabetes. Finally, talk to your doctor to help you make an informed choice.


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