How To Choose a Fun Fitness Camp

Everybody knows what a fitness boot camp is. It’s all about going a notch away from the usual gym grinding and spending a substantial amount of time outdoors to help make participants keep their focus on the fitness program that’s laid out. Since you’re most definitely out of the usual distractions, getting physically fit is not a problem. You’re most certainly looking for a fitness camp that serves its purpose while making you enjoy every moment of it, and choosing a fitness camp that strikes that balance between effective workout and fun time is the way to go.

There are many types of fitness camp programs out there, each depending on your preferences and needs. Thus, your topmost consideration should be which among these types you want to take part in. There are the generic total body workout camps, weight loss camps, high intensity training camps, dancing camps, and other subtypes. These types may vary in style and manner of which participants play their role in the program, but it all boils down to a single cause. So no matter which type you choose, you’re still getting the results you wanted as long as you’re seriously putting yourself into it and strictly following the fitness camp regulations and obeying what the camp master says.

Here are some of the available fitness camp providers that you can register with and reserve a booking.

  • Fitness Gatherings – Boasting of its cost-effective and out-of-the-box fitness programs, you’re sure to have a blast with Fitness Gathering’s boot camp. The company has diverse fitness services to offer such as targeted exercise programs, nutritional counseling, personal training, fat loss, CORE fitness programs and its trademark of fitness boot camp programs. What’s interesting to know about FG is that you can schedule an exclusive boot camp for you and your friends at the time of your choice aside from its pre-scheduled boot camps. Registration is a breeze as you can do it on its website or you can call 568-7448.
  • 5 Star Fitness – Founded in 1996, this company aims to promote physical fitness in the community, especially with children. With its vast experience dealing with obesity in kids, its programs are designed to inspire discipline in the young while keeping the parents in the loop. While most of its fitness camps are sports-based, 5 Star Fitness also provides yoga and dance camps as well as interactive gaming products for popular gaming consoles such as Game Cube and Play Station. If you’re looking for ways to make your child see boot camps like never before, this is the right one for you. Check out and see for yourself.
  • Camp Shane – Considered the longest-running fitness camp with over 41 years of helping the community get into top shape, Camp Shane has a lot of fun activities to offer including sports, special events, pool activities, paintball, rappelling, scuba diving, horseback riding, water skiing, rowing, canoeing, and other interesting activities like pottery, hobby crafts, leather crafts, silk-screening, candle-making and more. Camp Shane promises a rewarding way to lose weight and get your kid’s confidence at its prime. For more information log on to


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