How To Choose an Herb Supplier

Herbs are used for a number of applications.  Some herbs are medicinal and used for healing and treating different medical conditions.  There are herbs used in cooking to add flavor to food and drinks.  Some herbs are used in cosmetics and for household items.

Finding the right herb supplier is critical if herbs are a big part of your business, profession or daily life.  Luckily, you can now find herb suppliers on the internet making herbs accessible and available all year round.

Follow the tips below in both finding and choosing the right herb supplier.

Choose an herb supplier based on what you will use the herbs for.  Not all herb suppliers are equal.  Some specialize in culinary herbs while others supply medicinal herbs.  If you require organic herbs, make sure you choose an organic herb supplier.  Top 5 Online Organic Wholesale Herb Suppliers lists some of the bulk herb suppliers in the US.

Buy from a supplier based on the form of herb you need.  Herbs can bought as dried, fresh or even processed.

Determine how the herbs are grown.  What soil and fertilizer do they use?  How are the herbs grown?  If the herbs are harvested, what method do they use?  How are the herbs stored?  All of these affect the quality of the herbs.

Scrutinize the quality of the herbs the supplier sells.  Ask yourself if the herbs look fresh.  What is the color of the herbs?  Were the herbs chopped?  How long is the shelf life of the dried herbs?

Choose an herb supplier that sells herbs in the proper packaging.  Properly packed herbs retain their flavor and quality.

Select a retail herb supplier if you only need a few small pots or bags of herbs.  Otherwise, go for wholesale suppliers if you need herbs in bulk for reselling or manufacturing products, which rely heavily on herbs.  It would also be wise to go with a supplier that is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

Find local greenhouses or nurseries that can supply fresh potted herbs.   If you intend to start an herb garden or resell them as potted plants, go to a nursery.  Check what herbs they offer, how these are propagated and how they are presented. 

Inquire from the local grocery store that supplies their herbs.  This supplier most likely provides the grocery large quantities of fresh herbs.  You can find out the cost of herbs as well as availability of other varieties of herbs not sold in the store.

Ask the buying club or local food cooperative where they get their dried herbs.  They usually buy in bulk from herb suppliers that offer high quality herbs.

Visit the local farmer's market to find local suppliers that are not listed on the yellow pages or on the web.  There are farmers who will grow herbs as needed.

Be wary when buying herbs from foreign markets.  They may not have the same standards because of fewer regulations in their own country.

Choosing an herb supplier depends on several factors most important of all is how you will use the herbs.  Look for suppliers that offer a wide variety of herbs to choose from.  Find one who is not afraid to share how they obtain their herbs and prepare these for selling.  Before finding a supplier overseas, exhaust all efforts in finding one locally.   Getting the best herb supplier will guarantee that you receive only the highest quality herbs with a high level of efficacy, potency as well as integrity for your intended use.


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