How To Choose a Hospital or Birth Center Delivery

Women today have many more options when it comes to how and where their babies will be born. In the past, the common site where a birth took place was at the hospital. Today, however, a number of women are choosing the birth centers because of the relaxed environment and the dedicated staff that will focus on the delivery above all else, as opposed to hospitals where staff will have to meet various medical demands apart from delivery. Here’s how you can choose a hospital or birth center to deliver your baby.

  1. Talk with your doctor. The starting point for your decisions should be your doctor. Most doctors are comfortable with the idea of giving birth in a birth center delivery since these facilities are perfectly equipped with devices for aiding the birthing process and have competent and trained staff. However, a doctor may recommend you to give birth in a hospital for a variety of reasons, such as if you have medical problems that can lead to complications during the delivery. If there are no problems however, then your doctor will give you full control of where to give birth.
  2. Safety. Safety is another consideration when choosing where you will give birth. Visit the local birth delivery center and hospital, and try to get a feel of the environment. Most women feel safer in the birth delivery center, especially since these facilities usually put in effort in making mothers more comfortable during the delivery process. If, however, you do not feel comfortable in the birth center delivery, then you should stick to the hospital.
  3. Decide on the birthing process. How you will give birth will also determine where you should give birth. For instance, women who want to get an epidural during the birthing process are best in hospitals, since the hospitals are the only facilities that are equipped with these types of anesthetics. Hospitals also have anesthesiologists working on the premises, while most birth delivery centers will deliver your child in a natural way – without anesthetics such as epidural.
  4. Learn about the difference between a hospital and birth center. Before you choose one over the other, you should also be fully aware of the differences between a birth delivery center and a hospital. You should know that the hospital is a general medical facility that will treat a variety of medical conditions. On the other hand, the birth delivery center is focused solely on the helping women give birth. This means that your medical history will factor in largely in your choice – if there is no need for the added facilities and standard operating procedures in a hospital, a birth delivery center is the better choice.

Finally, consult your insurance company on whether giving birth in a birth delivery center is covered in your insurance plans. Most insurance companies allow deliveries in the birth delivery centers, but not all. To be on the safe side, check your health care plan first, and ask the service provider if you have any questions.


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