How To Choose a Scooter for an Elderly Person

If your friend or relative is already having a hard time ambulating or walking around, it might be time to get him a scooter. These things are motorized seats that a person can use for going around the house or the immediate vicinity near the home. A scooter is perfect for someone who has a hard time getting around because of a stroke, body weakness or even pain like arthritis and hip pain. Using a scooter reduces the load on the body and in effect improves one’s quality of life.

If your friend asks you to accompany him to buy a scooter, here are the things that you have to remember to look for in the models and products that you see in the show room:

  1.  Ask the clerk for what model would be best for your friend. Have a good estimate of how high the counters are in the home and how narrow the passage ways are. A bulky scooter is a no-no for homes with narrow hall ways since bumping into the walls and furniture can be the start of different problems for your friend.
  2. Get a model that allows you to adjust the height of the seat. This would make the scooter flexible in any scenario. Obviously, a person in a seated position would be able to reach less things if he were not in the standing position. The option of adjusting the height of the seat allows you to reach other objects in higher shelves and counters.
  3. Inquire how the scooter is to be power. For your convenience, it would be a lot better to have an electric scooter that has batteries that can be charged by simply plugging it into a wall socket. Using a rechargeable battery that could easily be revved up by plugging it in would be very convenient.
  4. Have your friend test the seat of the scooter. This would allow him to gauge the level of comfort that the scooter has as well as the handling of the vehicle. You can actually ask the clerk for a test drive. In many ways, having an electric scooter is a lot like having a car that is only meant for short distances. Make sure that the scooter has good handling and can be easily learned by someone who is already of advanced age.
  5. Ask about the policies of the company regarding the upkeep and maintenance of the vehicle. Just like any other vehicle, the scooter has a lot of moving parts that would need to be fixed and maintained all throughout its functional life. It is best to inquire where the service stations are and where parts could be sourced should you need to have any of them replaced.

A scooter is a good investment for someone who is already having a hard time getting around. With these guidelines, it should be easy to pick up the brand and model that would be most fitting for your needs.


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