How To Choose an Ear of Corn

To have good, healthy, and satisfying meals, we choose only the freshest. We select fruits and vegetables that come from nature’s bounty, especially during the summer. One of the freshest vegetables we get is corn on the cob. Because it is abundant during these times, we make the finest treats out of them. But to make sure that you can make good meals, you must choose the freshest ears of your favorite type of corn. If you don’t know how, the following is a simple guide for you.

1.    You may look for fresh ears of corn in the market. A variety of corns is available like Ashworth, Country Gentlemen, Golden Bantam, and Stowell’s Evergreen. Consider the variety of corn you want to buy in the market to know what’s best for a certain treat.

  • Ashworth is an early season corn that produces crisp, sweet, golden corn kernels in 7 inches ears. This type of corn is flavorful as being delicious and sweet.
  • Country Gentlemen is a variety of old fashioned peg corn, which is 7 inches ears. It has white kernels and is commonly used for canning and creamed corn.
  • Golden Bantam has golden kernels and is usually from 6-1/2 to 7 inches ears. Golden Bantam has sweet and tasty corn on the cob.
  • Stowell’s Evergreen is considered as the standard white kernel variety that produces up to 8 inches ears. Its kernels are tender and sweet.

2.    If you have a garden, you can check on the corn to see if they are ready for harvest. Make sure that before harvest you have inspected the corn for signs of insects. You may find tiny holes on the corn caused by corn borers and worms. These insects usually bore holes near the tip of the corn but you should also check the base area of the corn.

3.    Fleshy corns are very enticing reasons why people usually choose them. But do not be deceived. Before you choose them, you must check if they are mature. Corns that are mature have a dark brown silk coming out at the end of the ear. You may also know that it’s fresh if the silk is stuck together.

4.    Check on the color and texture of the corn. Light-colored corns are the ones that are fresh while older ones are often discolored. Fresh corns are firm with soft husks. Feel the corn to know if the husk is moist. Dry and brittle husks indicate that the corn has dried out and lost its good flavor.

Knowing the right stuff in choosing the freshest fruits and vegetables in the market is a big plus to any consumer. It can be considered as a good trick in producing good meals. It is essential that you know the things to consider so that you would not end up wasting your food, your money, and your effort.


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