How To Choose an Organic Baby Formula

There is no doubt that breast milk is always the best for babies. But what if you can’t breastfeed your baby? There is no other choice but to settle on baby formula. Luckily, you are not left with just the regular baby formula options. You can choose organic baby formula.

Just like other organic foods and stuffs, organic baby formula’s ingredients were processed and manufactured without using any dangerous chemicals. So, compared with the usual formula, organic baby formulas are safer and healthier. However, the organic variety can be a little more expensive than the regular options. It may be more expensive but the returns can be more satisfying. The effect on your baby will be more valuable than money.

But when choosing organic baby formula, don’t just get the one with the “organic” label. Today, there are already a lot of organic baby formula brands in the market. You can choose the best among them by following the tips below:

  • Check the formula’s nutritional value. Even if it is an organic formula, it doesn’t mean it is superiorly nutritious compared to other formula brands. Better safe than sorry, so, check the nutritional content. The best organic formula should have the proper amounts of minerals, carbohydrates, vitamins, fat, and protein.
  • Be aware of fake fatty acids. TV commercials on baby formulas often boast about their ARA and DHA content. These fatty acids can also be found in breast milk and are highly essential for your baby’s healthy development. But not all ARAs and DHAs are the same. Some are manmade fatty acids that might not be healthy and could be dangerous for babies. Beware of these fake fatty acids and make sure that the organic baby formula has only the natural alternatives.
  • Make sure that the baby formula is organic. In the USA, organic baby formulas are certified with the USDA Organic label. Look for similar label in your area.
  • Check the ingredients. Organic baby formula is certainly better than the traditional formulas. However, never assume that the milk is already healthy just because it is organic. Check the ingredients. Some organic formulas may be using corn syrup. But those with brown rice syrup and milk lactose are better options.
  • Buy an organic baby formula from a company that supports healthy children. The company should be serious about going organic. In the hype of organic alternatives, there sure are many companies that are producing products just to fit in the profitable market. Make sure that the company is not only after the profit but most importantly, after the children’s wellness.
  • Choose powdered organic formula over the premade ones. The premade organic formulas are proven to have high BPA content, which can be harmful for the body. This content can also be found on other canned goods. And the premade organic baby formulas have more content compared to other canned foods.
  • Choose the most cost-efficient formula. Organic alternatives are often more expensive. But you can still save some money by choosing the most nutritious, the safest, and the most ideal brand for your baby with the cheapest price tag. A little comparison and you’ll know which is the most cost-efficient. If your baby is fine with a certain brand, you can buy in larger packs or more packs to save more money.

Organic baby formulas can be the best choice for keeping your baby healthy. But you can’t stop by just feeding her organic formula. Feed her organic foods and use organic products for her. The more you go organic, the more you can help your baby grow more healthily and the more you and your family will be helping for the environment.


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