How To Choose and Use Bach Flower Remedies

Remedies Made Over 70 Years Ago and Still in Use Today

Bach Original Flower Remedies were developed by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s and have been used ever since. He perfected 38 individual remedies that are part of a simple and effective system to help promote emotional well-being. Dr. Bach believed that a healthy mind ensures a healthy body. He highlighted the importance of mental health when he said, "You can judge your health by your happiness."

Dr. Bach also created Rescue Remedy®, which contains five Bach Original Flower Remedies and helps manage your daily stresses. He perfected his remedies at his house in Mount Vernon in Oxfordshire, which is now visited by hundreds of visitors each month. When A. Nelson&Co. helped the Bach Centre with bottling (due to increased demand), they maintained Dr. Bach's standards. Some flowers are still picked from the house in Mount Vernon and the procedure of creating the remedies remains the same.

Step 1

Know how they are used: The remedies are suitable for the whole family, even plants, pets and children. The flower remedies are preserved in grape alcohol and are available in a 20ml stock bottle. Remedies in their concentrated form can be kept for up to five years.

Step 2

Match remedies to your symptoms: There are 38 remedies to choose from which cover a range of emotions. Log onto BachRemedies and click onto the remedy chooser tool to help you find the one to suit you. Below are just a handful of remedies that you may find useful.

Here are examples of some Bach Original Flower Remedies that can help with common emotional states:

  • Best for low mood - Mustard
    What it does: It helps to lift the spirit so that you can feel happy.
    Other uses/added bonus: It is useful when there is no explanation for the low mood.
    Also try: Gentian - If you are down because you have recently experienced a setback.
  • Best for energy - Olive
    What it does: When you are exhausted after making an effort, it restores feelings of strength.
    Other uses/added bonus: It is helpful for both mental and physical exhaustion.
    Also try: Hornbeam - If you are feeling tired before you have made the effort and require some motivation.
  • Best for cleansing - Crab Apple
    What it does: The cleansing remedy for mind and body, recommended for those who feel unclean and suffer from a poor self-image. Crab Apple types may be obsessively house-proud or have a mental obsession with trivialities.
    Other uses/added bonus: Also helpful for people who are ashamed of unpleasant physical symptoms.
  • Best for concentration - Clematis
    What it does: It helps you to focus on the task at hand rather than daydreaming about the future.
    Other uses/added bonus: Can be helpful for the fuzzy, light-headed feelings that often accompany emergency situations.
    Also try: Honeysuckle - If you are finding it hard to concentrate on the present because your mind is preoccupied with past events.
  • Best for fear - Mimulus
    What it does: Helps you overcome fears of known things such as flying, spiders or the dark.
    Other uses/added bonus: Can also help people who are generally shy and timid.
    Also try: Aspen - If your fear has no identifiable origin.
  • Best for nerves - Larch
    What it does: It helps you to believe in yourself and your abilities, allowing you to perform to your maximum.
    Other uses/added bonus: Encourages you to take risks and get more out of life.
    Also try: Rescue Remedy - To calm you down on the day of an event.
  • Best for impatience - Impatiens
    What it does: It helps us to be less hasty and more relaxed and patient with others.
    Other uses/added bonus: Can be helpful if you find working in a team difficult.
    Also try: Water Violet - If your desire to work alone leads to loneliness.

Step 3

Directions for use: The Bach remedies are preserved in a grape alcohol solution and are available in 20ml stock bottles. To take the remedies, add two drops of each chosen remedy to a glass of water. Sip from it as often as you want, at least four times a day.

For convenience, you can mix up to seven remedies in a 30ml mixing bottle and top off with water. You may also want to add some preservative such as cider vinegar or brandy if you wish. From this individual bottle, take four drops at least four times a day.

Bach Original Flower Remedies retail from £5.95 for 20ml and are available from Holland&Barrett, Boots and most independent chemists and health stores. For more information, go to BachRemedies.


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