How To Choose Between Types of Weight Bench

If you’re interested in weight benches or perhaps planning to buy one, surely you would want to use it for a long time. That means you should be sure which one to buy and which one is fit for you. Knowing the different types of weight bench will help you determine which one to purchase. The designs of weight benches do not differ that much across different brands. They usually have a cushioned board, which is comfortable for you to do different exercises while sitting, lying or straddling on it. Sometimes this board could be fixed or could have an adjustable portion. It depends on the other equipment that it is associated with. When it’s fixed, it could be horizontal or inclined. Inclined benches sometimes have sharp angles to tone certain muscles. It could also be fixed in a folded position. A weight bench could also have one or more adjustable portions that greatly depend on its features. Weight benches are designed for different training exercises and for different set of people.

Here are some of the weight benches that might suit your convenience and training requirements:

  1. Exercise Bench. This is the simplest but the most versatile. It is usually a flat bench where you could do a variety of exercises such as dumbbell rows, abdominal work and bench presses. Some exercise benches are also inclined such as those by Yukon.
  2. Preacher Curl Bench. Trainers usually recommend Preacher curls. This type of exercise helps your biceps muscles to build up. Doing these curls on this workout bench will help fill in the space between the lower biceps and the elbow. It will enhance the size, strength and definition of your biceps. Several models are available by Body Solid, Yukon, Maxicam, Phoenix, etc.
  3. Abdominal Weight Bench. This is ideal for crunches, leg raises, bench presses and dumbbell rows. Exercises usually done on this workout bench tighten up your lower abs. Crunches and leg raises are usually mixed to have a full development of your ab muscles. Examples of this kind of weight bench are models by Icon, Body Solid, Stamina, Maximus, etc.
  4. Olympic Bench. This is recommended for advanced fitness enthusiasts. It has extra padding and multiple stations for different exercises. This will help increase your personal performance if you are an athlete. This type of weight bench is also fit for you if you are a serious weight lifter. There are also Olympic Squat Combo Weight benches that are used for incline press, bench press, squats, leg curls and leg extensions. There are different models by Marcy, Nordictrack, Power Systems, Quantum, Yukon, etc.

Weight benches are usually accompanied by a weight set and bar. There are also a lot of brands to choose from when it comes to weight plates. Usually you need to choose between the standard and the Olympic plates depending on the workload that you plan. It is quite expensive so you need to be sure that it will last.

It's great to have a weight bench if you want new exercises. Aside from their being more comfortable than the floor, you can also do various motion exercises safely with them. Just be sure to buy a bench that will work best for you.


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