How To Choose Exercise Resistance Equipment

Resistance training is a form of strength exercise that is traditionally popular for athletes. Many people confuse it with bodybuilding, weightlifting or power lifting thereby giving them the impression that resistance training makes the body grow bigger. However, resistance training is simply a form of exercise involving some external resistance, which could be the person’s own body weight or equipment that causes the muscles to contract against it with the intention to increase tone, mass, strength and endurance. The equipment could be dumbbells, weights, resistance bands, exercise loops or cables, machines, and/or other exercise resistance equipment specially designed and intended for strengthening muscles and achieving a healthier body.

  1. Weighted bar. Ideal for weight resistance, strength training, functional training, flexibility and balance is a weighted body bar. It builds lean body mass, defines muscles, strengthens the heart and reduces the risk of osteoporosis. A weighted bar provides even weight distribution during training and can be used in other forms of exercise.
  2. Weighted belt. Wear a weighted belt to provide increased body resistance for strength and cardio workouts. Belts are designed with closures that provide a custom and comfortable fit. It is best for optimizing your workout results.
  3. Weight bench. Collapsible weight benches are a great addition to your exercise resistance equipment. It is ideal for use with weights or dumbbells, and for press-ups and dips as well. 
  4. Stretch band or loop. Some brands are made of latex bands ideal for stretching, Pilates, aerobics, and strength exercises. A stretch band provides light, medium and heavy levels of resistance and is an efficient tool for strengthening, toning, and shaping muscles. It is easy to use, portable and very versatile.
  5. Exercise bicycle. Among the most popular workout resistance equipment is the stationary exercise bike. You can choose a bike that has various resistance options to complement the varying intensity of your workout. An exercise bicycle has seating designs to provide lumbar support and protect your back.
  6. Resistance adjustable cables. Exercise cables are good for shaping, toning , and defining muscles. They are also designed to increase lean muscle mass and improve overall body fitness. They are available in light, medium and heavy resistance levels.

Resistance exercises have been proven to offer a lot of benefits for young and old alike. Apart from building muscle strength and tone, these forms of exercises are good for increasing bone mineral density, regulating blood pressure, reducing cardiovascular problems and improving heart condition, reducing body fat and increasing metabolic rate, improving mobility for the elderly, developing energy, enhancing physical appearance and reversing the aging process.

While it is never too late to start performing resistance exercise, it is important to consult with your doctor prior to engaging in any form of exercise routine. Even seniors can perform resistance training as long as the design of the program, the frequency of training, the level of resistance, and the exercise resistance equipment are appropriate to the condition of the body. Your doctor can give recommendations on these factors, and you can then design your exercise plan and choose your equipment based on what is advised to be best for you. 


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