How To Choose Knee Wrap Products

A knee injury can surely be a problem for anyone who is active in sports or merely involved in a workout program to lose weight. If you are bothered by arthritis, you should not let your bad knees get in the way of your active lifestyle. Use a knee wrap to protect your knee from the cold or from straining due to the pressure experienced during a game or a workout.

Knee wraps come in many types and designs to suit your particular needs. It is necessary that you know what purpose they are for so that they can really be effective on your knees. Here are the some of the most commonly used types and their uses.

  • Power knee wraps. These are used by weightlifters for additional support. This bandage-like wrap is usually made of heavy weight stretchable material. As a knee elastic, this does not really do anything more than to increase the stability of such joints.
  • Knee sleeve wraps. They are the longer version, covering about two inches above the knees down to the lower leg portion. Their design ensures warmth not just for the knees but for the leg as well. Some types also aid blood circulation through a material based on copper woven around it.
  • Comforter. Another type simulates a comforter. Unlike others that have thermal packs around them, this type only has a fabric material that provides warmth to the knees. This is elastic enough to be stretched towards the upper legs and serve as a thigh wrap at the same time.
  • Athletic ice knee wraps. These are most commonly used. A hit among professional athletes, they provide the cold temperature needed to sooth aching knees due to physical exertion. The materials are usually lightweight, therefore, they do not compromise flexibility.
  • Double knee ice wraps. They are new in the market but they are already making waves. They do not only provide soothing coolness to the front of the knees but also to the back as well. Their back wraps may be more bulky though. They are used most often when the wearer is not doing anything that requires much activity from the legs.
  • Compression and knee magnetic wraps. These are best worn when seated or not mobile because of their unwieldy designs. They are used mainly for therapeutic purposes, hastening recovery from knee injuries and improving the blood circulation throughout the legs.

Buying a knee wrap is easy. You can actually go to a sport shop or any department store, and more often than not, they have available stocks. You can also shop online by visiting websites that offer knee wraps and related items such as roller, support, ice packs, reviews, cold packs, etc. If you have a credit card ready, shopping online has its advantages. There are more types to find and the information you need is there. You do not have to roam around with your gas-guzzling car.


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