How To Choose Sweet Peas

Sweet peas can be found in almost all regions, although it originated from the Mediterranean. They have been around for almost 300 years.  This plant is a trailing plant or vine and grows up to 3 feet and up to about six feet where climbing twines like fences, trellises and other climbing twines are available.  Aside from its fragrance, sweet peas can stand the heat.  Although there are a wide variety of sweet pea plants that differ in terms of color and height, there are some guidelines in choosing which sweet peas to plant in certain places.  Read on to find out how you can choose the right one for your garden.

  • If you live in the countryside and have space for wildflowers to grow, you should choose the wild sweet pea with purple flowers. Although this type grows practically in almost all regions, the countryside is ideally where they belong. The leaves crawl along the ground and climb the fence which could serve as a background color for your yard. It compliments other wildflowers growing on farms and pastures.
  • If you live in a place where there is not enough space for a garden, dwarf sweet peas are the type that could thrive on flower boxes, hanging baskets and container gardens. As the name says, the plant only grows about 12 inches without having to cling to any kind of support. Because of its small nature, it also mixes together with other indoor and container plants. Its fragrance gives out that scent that other container plants has little or none of it at all.
  • Consider trailing or dwarf bush if you want a bouquet with only one plant. Fantasia varieties, however, are also good to grow in hanging baskets, also as a single plant. Like dwarf sweet peas, this type grows only up to 12 inches making it also ideal to grow in a planter. This type bears flowers of different colors and is very fragrant.
  • If you plan to grow sweet peas in a garden, you can grow the standard sweet peas with the vegetables in your garden. However, this type requires support like fences and trellises because they could grow as high as five feet tall. You can put them beside fences as they make beautiful covers for fences. They also grow on bamboo poles or you could just put a wire for them to crawl or twine. This type is also the most attractive to bees and other insects that acts as pollinators, so expect a well-pollinated garden with the standard sweet peas around.
  • Lastly, grow giant sweet peas in areas that need more plant cover. This type could climb to cover an old but sturdy shed in your garden, or cover that area of your garden floor that needs to be concealed. You could also make use of the plant to save some energy by placing it on a wall exposed to the sun. The big flowers of this type of sweet pea look beautiful and serve as shades and at the same time cools the area. Since this plant is seasonal, you can always remove them after the summer season and use them as fertilizers.

Since sweet peas grow out of seeds, make sure to get those seeds out of children's reach because sweet pea seeds are poisonous.


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