How To Choose the Correct Chakra Crystals

Chakra crystals are known to help in healing, through alternative healing techniques. In particular, crystals are said to have an effect on our Chakras, or the flow of energy in the body. Crystals act as energy conductors and transmitters, and can promote healing and various other benefits, particularly for conditions like addiction, depression, chronic pain, and the like.

Choosing the correct Chakra crystals will involve knowing what kind of effect or treatment you want, and knowing the appropriate crystals for these. You will also need some basic knowledge on the Chakra points.

  • Know your seven Chakras. The concept of Chakra healing involves seven Chara points or areas. These are the crown, throat, solar plexus, base, brow, heart and sacral center. Each of these correspond to different aspects of the body, which means you will need to use different types of crystals, depending on what kind of condition you want to help heal or alleviate.
  • The base Chakra. Practitioners of Chakra healing would recommend starting at the base Chakra, which is located at the base of the spinal column. This area is associated with sensuality and security. Using crystals for the base Chakra will involve alleviating stress and bowel-related problems. Use earth-colored crystals, which can include a plain black pebble, red jasper, or tiger’s eye.
  • The sacral Chakra. The sacral Chakra is associated with sexuality and relationships, and is located in the sacrum—a bit higher than the base center. The best crystals to use for this area would be orange-colored gems and crystals. These include amber, orange agate, carnelian, or any simple orange-colored pebble. The crystal should be placed or used over the genital area, and is said to help with reproductive-related concerns, such as menstruation, infertility, impotence and the like.
  • The solar plexus Chakra. The solar plexus Chakra is associated with the digestive system. Treatment through this Chakra is aimed toward alleviating digestive problems. Emotionally, the solar plexus Chakra governs  anxieties, fears, personal power, and other transitions from simple to complex emotions. The best crystals for use on the solar plexus Chakra are yellow-colored ones, which can include amber, citrine and yellow topaz. These should be placed above one’s navel to help alleviate stress-related stomach problems and anxiety.
  • The heart Chakra. Physically, the heart Chakra involves the immune and endocrine system. Emotionally, this Chakra center governs emotions and acts of love. For the heart Chakra, the best crystals are green-colored ones, such as moss agate, jade and malachite. Pink-colored crystals also work well, which include rhodonite and rose quartz. These should be used on top of one’s chest area. These are known to help alleviate respiratory problems, heart problems and violent behavior.
  • The throat Chakra. Located on the throat, and corresponding to the thyroid gland, the throat Chakra also governs communication and independence. The best crystals to use in this area are blue-colored ones, like aquamarine, turquoise, sapphire, and lapis lazuli. These should be placed on top of your throat, particularly on the hollow area. Using blue crystals can help deal with coughs, sore throat and swelling in the lymph nodes.
  • The brow Chakra. This area corresponds to where the “third eye” is supposed to be situated, or between the eyes. The best crystals used in this area would be indigo-colored sodalite, and is said to help heal problems with vision, sleeping, nervousness and headaches.
  • The crown Chakra. Located right on top of one’s head, the crown Chakra is said to control mental and consciousness-aspects of life. For this area, the best crystals to use are purple-colored ones, such as clear quartz, amethyst or purple sugilite. These are said to help with feelings of anxiety and insecurities.

Whether you believe in Chakra healing or not, the fact is that thoughts usually translate to action or real world events. Believing you feel better will usually result in your feeling better, both physically and emotionally. Chakra crystals can help bring about this general sense of well-being.


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