How To Claim Health Insurance Benefits When You're Unemployed

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It can be difficult to know which health care options are best for your family, but you can learn more about what's out there by taking some online classes in health care. Many companies have filed for bankruptcy because of the current financial crisis. Others have opted to lay off a significant percentage of their workforce. Because of this development, many people have been left jobless. The unemployment rate in this country is at its all-time high. Now, the unemployed person has to fend for himself and his family. He needs to find another job and this could take him a few more months. No job means no health care insurance benefits. How does the unemployed person cope with losing benefits from his company's group health insurance provider?

There is still a way out, you know. You can still claim your health insurance plans even if you don't have a job.

There are other kinds of health care providers aside from group insurance. But before going into that, let's get to know the basics. There are two types of health insurance carriers. The first type is called the HMO health providers. The biggest comparison is in the pricing. HMO health providers are generally more expensive than the other because they have more coverage. Common examples of HMO providers are Medicare and Medicaid. The other carrier is called Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). This is cheaper and yet more comprehensive.  With HMO providers, you have to find a designated doctor who has their seal but with PPO you can choose any doctor and the policy will still cover the expenses. Another great benefit is the cash out option. You can choose to cash out your insurance through a lump sum that you can use for reasons other than paying for the doctor.

President Obama has recently signed the COBRA bill, which is designed to provide low-cost health insurance plans. You can enroll in this to avail yoursel fof medical and dental health insurance. This should work perfectly in an unemployment situation. In order to make the most of your health insurance, you have to file for it now. This is to lessen the lost benefits due to the transition from one company to another and to make the most of the health insurance plan. The application would be relatively easy because this will not be your first policy. Normally, the new health insurance company would check that you don't have any liabilities with other companies and the process would start.   Waiting too long could create a gap in coverage, which is not desirable. Because of this, the new company may ask you to wait longer than what is expected. This is because they have to check your history to make sure that you are acceptable.

You need to contact an insurance expert before you start picking out your new policy. If you can't afford to pay for one, you can consult online quote websites to check out the best plans. You only have to type the search words "free insurance quotes" and you will see these sites. The site usually requires you to fill out an online form and then their insurance agents will get back to you for the consultation.  You can also enroll in an online health care class or two to help you figure out which plans will work best for you and your family.


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