How To Claim Short Term Disability

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What if you had been in an accident and the doctor had diagnosed you that you will not be able to return to work for some time? What if you are the only one earning for your family? Well, that will surely be a hard blow. What will happen now to your family? Even if it will just be a month or two, still you knew that your family will be suffering financially because of your inability to work.  That is where short term disability comes to picture.

A type of insurance, short-term disability provides a part of the salary of an employee for a particular time if such employee cannot perform the job duties for some time because of sickness or injury. Possible causes for claiming Short term disability includes illnesses, like diabetes, heart attack and cancer, injuries, back pain, and arthritis.

The short term disability would usually start from day one to 14 days after an employee undergoes a state where he can't work anymore.  If this happens to you, you will need to claim this short term disability, you may find these steps helpful.

  • It is important to obtain a short-term disability claim form coming from an insurance provider. There are many companies offering this kind of insurance like the Hartford Life, Lincoln Financial Group, Unum, Aetna, Sun Life Financial and Met Life.
  • Make sure that you had provided all necessary and required information on the form that you have. Give details about your disability, its nature, reason, and date. It is also important to include the day of your first absence from your job. Also, personal information like your Social Security System number and contact details may be asked for. It is also possible that you will need to disclose additional claims you filed for like the worker's compensation.
  • Fill in employer information. After filling out your portion in the claim form, allow your employer to put the other required information in the form like the amount you are earning every week, your total hours of work, job position and description and the last day you had come to work.
  • A physician needs to certify that you really is suffering from an illness and injury and is a short-term disability. Ask a physician to validate your claims. The physician should indicate your diagnosis and history of treatment. It is also needed for the physician to make a survey on the limitations regarding your disability.
  • After completing all the needed information in the form as well as other required papers, you may now submit them to your insurance provider. Your provider might ask for medical records and for authority to make an audit about them. After declaring that you are capable for short term disability, you will now be receiving a percentage of your salary for a period of time while still disabled.

It is very important to always be prepared. You may not know what will be happening tomorrow, or the next days. Security for whatever might happen will always put your worries off and be able to live a secure and carefree life.


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