How To Clean a Brace

Knee braces or dental braces—both of these help shape up a part of your body. Although they are not growing like your knees and teeth, they also get dirtier. And if they get dirtier, they become more of a threat for your health. Bacteria might cause a lot of discomfort. Cleaning your brace, whether it is a knee brace or a dental brace, is very important.

Cleaning a Knee Brace

  • Prepare the solution. The perfect cleaning solution for a knee brace is warm water with some antibacterial soap. Place this in a basin or your bathtub.
  • Clean the knee brace. Damp a clean and soft cloth with the solution. Wipe off any dirt or traces of sweat on the knee brace using that. If possible, use your nailbrush to thoroughly clean the brace. Brush it outside and inside until no stubborn dirt is sticking on the brace.
  • Rinse the brace. The proper way to do this is not to submerge the brace in water. Instead, dampen a clean and soft cloth with clean and cool water. Use that to wipe off any soap residue from the knee brace.
  • Let the brace dry. Allow your knee brace to air dry thoroughly. It should be in a place with good light and good air circulation to promote better way to air dry.
  • Lubricate. Apply some lubricant for the knee brace like a red grease or other automotive grease.

It’s best to consult your doctor on how you should clean the brace. Your doctor might require a different way to clean your braces or might suggest a better lubricant.

Dental Braces

Almost all people are familiar with how to clean dental braces. Almost everyone has worn braces at one point in their life while some people have friends or family with dental braces. But still, a lot of people have no idea how to properly clean the dental brace. Compared with the knee brace, it is more critical to clean the dental brace. If not, food residues might be stuck on the brace, which might cause nasty cavities.

Here’s how you should clean your dental brace:

  • Rinse the mouth. Do this at least four times or until you feel that food particles are already out of your mouth.
  • Pick up stubborn food particles. Use a toothpick or a dental floss to remove stuck food particles in between teeth or in the dental brace. Gargle with clean water to remove the food particles. Repeat this step until all food particles are out of your mouth.
  • Brush your teeth. Do the usual way of brushing your teeth. Brush every tooth thoroughly. Don’t forget to brush your tongue, too. Brush more thoroughly on the part where the dental brace is worn. Gargle with clean water until the toothpaste bubbles are gone.

It is highly important to bring with you a cleaning kit for dental braces. Don’t wait for hours before you remove the trapped foods. The best time to clean a dental brace is after every meal. People will not mind you cleaning your dental brace in public. After all, your hygiene is much more important than what they think.


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