How To Clean and Whiten Dentures

Clean dentures

Just like natural teeth, dentures can also become discolored and stained with time. There are many reasons why dentures become stained and yellowed. The types of food and drinks that a person eats and lifestyle choices such as smoking can all contribute to dark and stained dentures. If you want to remove nicotine stains and coffee discolorations on your dentures without needing to bring your dentures to the dentist's office, here’s how.

Brushing. Start by brushing your teeth as you normally will. The regular brushing will ensure that the major dirt and pieces of food that may be stuck on the dentures will be removed. This is very important especially since plenty of food can get trapped in between the nooks and crannies of the dentures. Unlike natural teeth, however, your dentures will not always give you a heads up – there can be dirt and pieces of food stuck in your teeth that you do not notice because of the plastic feel of the dentures. 

Soaking. After brushing your teeth thoroughly, place the dentures in hot water. Allow the hot water to run through the dentures for at least three to five minutes. If there are still traces of dirt and grime present in the dentures, you can use the toothbrush to remove the dirt and debris. Afterwards, place the dentures in a small bowl filled with enough hot water to fully submerge the mouthpiece. Add up to four spoonfuls of bleach in the hot water and leave the dentures in the solution for at least five minutes. If you have not cleaned the dentures in a long time or if there are stubborn stains in the dentures, you can leave the dentures in the solution for up to eight minutes.

Rinsing. Afterwards remove the dentures and place these under hot running water. Make sure that you rinse the dentures thoroughly and that the crevices and all sides of the dentures are free from residues of bleach. After a few minutes of washing and rinsing the dentures, you should notice that the smell of bleach has fully left the dentures.

Brushing. Once the dentures have been thoroughly removed, you can place the dentures back into your mouth and brush as usual. The second brushing will freshen your breath and your gums. Before returning the dentures into your mouth, also make sure that you gargle and clean your gums thoroughly so that the growth of bacteria in between the dentures and the gums is prevented. You can clean your gums while allowing the dentures to soak in the bleach solution.

Scheduling. Make sure that you schedule the denture cleaning at least every two weeks to make sure that your dentures remain clean and bright. Also make sure that you brush your teeth on a daily basis to prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris from the day-to-day use of your dentures.

Getting shiny white dentures that look great and which are healthy for your mouth and gums does not require professional cleaning. With these steps, you should be able to maintain your dentures easily.


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